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2020 Four Nation Virtual Cybersecurity Study Tour

The list of challenges that institutions must overcome is particularly extensive this year, and the dramatic increase in cyber risk is predominant in the minds of IT leaders everywhere.

CAUDIT is pleased to announce a Four Nation Cybersecurity virtual study tour developed in collaboration with our sister associations in the United Kingdom and South Africa, ucisa and ASAUDIT.



Showcasing the best practices of six host universities from the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, this virtual study tour will facilitate networking with peers from across the northern and southern hemisphere as delegates come together to consider the security challenges currently facing institutions everywhere.

Aimed at cyber security leaders and decision makers within institutions, this tour is limited to 21 delegates – seven from each of the three associations: ucisa, CAUDIT and ASAUDIT. Participants will be encouraged to expand their network of international peers, sharing knowledge and experience on the topics covered and potentially identifying opportunities for future collaboration. Each of the six virtual tour sessions will last approximately 1.5 hours, and tour participants will be expected to attend all of these to ensure continuity and the best experience for everyone involved.


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