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AAF Level of Identity Assurance Registry (LoIAR)

The AAF Level of Identity Assurance Registry (LoIAR) tool was branded as ‘AAF Assurance’ at go-live and has been active in the Production Federation since July 2013 (see: ). Since go-live the AAF has implemented communication activities to increase awareness of this tool.

The AAF Assurance (previously named the Levels of Identity Assurance Register) initiative completed in July 2013 with the release of the tool to AAF subscribers.

AAF Assurance is a tool for Registration Authorities (RAs) within AAF subscribed organisations to record users who have been assured for a higher level of identity trust within the Federation.

Since its release, the AAF has communicated the benefits and intended use of AAF Assurance to the organisations which are associated with the federation as part of the Identity Provider Improvement Program.