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About the Awards

The CAUDIT Awards recognise, celebrate and promote the outstanding achievements and innovation of IT staff working in CAUDIT member organisations, and the application of digital capabilities which positively transform the experience of students, academics and professional staff.

There are five categories in the CAUDIT awards, and individual and group submissions are invited for four of the five categories. The fifth category – the Emerging Leader category – is an individual only category, open to recent graduates of the CAUDIT Leaders Institute (CLI) who can demonstrate that they have taken their experience of the CLI and built upon what they have learnt.  

Applications for the CAUDIT Awards close 15 January 2019.

The five categories are:

  • Improving Student Success
  • Innovation in Teaching and Learning
  • Excellence in Research Support
  • Operational Excellence
  • Emerging Leader

More information on each award can be found on the Award Categories page.

The winner/s of each category will be able to choose from a range of developmental opportunities such as participation in a relevant conference e.g. THETA, Gartner Symposium, EDUCAUSE or other, study tour or funding for participation in a professional development programme to the value of AUD$4,500.

All finalists and winners will be recognised at the Awards Ceremony to be held at the 2019 Autumn Members Meeting networking function.

For more information on the organisations supporting the Inaugural CAUDIT Awards, visit the Sponsors page.