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About the CAUDIT Partner Program

The CAUDIT Partner Program offers product and service providers and sector organisations alike a number of streamlined ways to engage with CAUDIT.

This Program provides multi-level engagement pathways, each with a set of pre-defined benefits that provide opportunity for engagement and collaboration with CAUDIT Member Organisations.

The Partner Program offers one-off opportunities through to longer term engagement opportunities that cater to and support the selling of products and services and development of vendor product roadmaps.  It is a professional and streamlined multifaceted framework for targeted engagement between vendors and the higher education sector via the highly valued CAUDIT membership network.

Below you will find information relating to each offering.  You can also download the 'Benefits at a Glance' document to help you navigate through each offering to ascertain which is the best fit for your company.  Application to any of the offerings under the Partner Program does not guarantee acceptance into the program, this is particularly relevant to consideration of Strategic Partners.  Please refer to the Terms & Conditions of the program (see Download section to the right of your screen). 

We are excited to work with you via the CAUDIT Partner Program and if having read the information about each offering you would like to apply, please click on the application links provided.  You may wish to subscribe to the CAUDIT newsletter or the dedicated sponsorship email list to keep up to date with the latest opportunities.

CAUDIT Partner Program Benefits at a Glance

About the CAUDIT Partner Program

CAUDIT Partner Program Terms & Conditions

Understanding each opportunity:

Product Showcase Partner

The Product Showcase Partner offering has been developed for those with a desire to showcase and/or introduce their new and existing business, products, services or case studies from work already undertaken within the sector via an online webinar facilitated and promoted by CAUDIT. 

There are no restrictions on the topic of the webinar and there are no limitations on the number of times that this opportunity can be used by a company, however, as there are a maximum number of spots available throughout the year to hold showcase webinars some limitations may arise depending on overall demand.  CAUDIT is committed to ensuring that the experience is successful for those running the Showcase and those participating in the Showcase and will work with Showcase Partners providing useful, practical guidelines to maximise the webinar session/s.

The Product Showcase is an independent offering and is not related to activities under CAUDIT’s Cybersecurity, Procurement or other portfolios.  You do not need to have a sector deal in place to access the Product Showcase offering.  Furthermore, if you do have a sector deal in place, you are also able to access the Product Showcase to highlight new aspects about your product/service.  See end of article for more details about the two activities.

The Product Showcase Partner application fee $5,000 excluding GST


Product Showcase Partner Benefits explained:

CAUDIT hosted webinar

CAUDIT will work with you to select a mutually agreeable date to hold your showcase webinar.  The topic of your webinar can be about anything to do with your business and/or products.

We will circulate notice of the upcoming webinar via our website, newsletter and through our distribution channels such as the Communities of Practice, depending upon the topic’s relevance.

Please note that participation in the showcase webinars is voluntary, and we cannot guarantee attendance numbers, however, this is a great opportunity to create awareness and market your product direct to your target audience in the higher education sector.  We will work with you to maximise your success by discussing lead-up times, promotional language, how your product aligns with the CAUDIT Top Ten Topics and guidelines for holding CAUDIT webinars.  The webinars typically run for 45 minutes.  Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with registration or contact lists of those who attend the webinar.

Promotion of your company logo and website

We will display your company logo and link to your company website on our Product Showcase Partner webpage for 12 months.

Link to webinar recording

Should you wish to have your webinar recorded, we are happy to do so for you and to provide a link to the recording for up to 12 months on CAUDIT’s Product Showcase Partner webpage.  Please note however that we are not able to provide video editing but you are certainly welcome to edit the recording prior to the link being uploaded.

Differences between procurement, thought leadership and Product Showcase webinars:

Product Showcase webinars:

  • May include a detailed introduction to the product/services
  • May include a detailed look at how the product can be used, case studies etc
  • May include interactive scenarios to demonstrate the product features
  • May include links to marketing material and further information about the product
  • May include information on licensing, costs including whether there is a sector deal in place
  • Will include follow-up contact information

Procurement webinars:

  • Must have a sector wide agreement completed and in place to be offered one free webinar
  • Will include an overview of the product
  • Will include specific information about the licensing or pricing of the sector deal, terms and renewal options
  • May include technical information about the product
  • May include brief information on the different uses of their product (not included for renewal webinars)
  • If an existing vendor has a current sector deal and would like to update their licensing information, a webinar may be facilitated through the CAUDIT Procurement portfolio if the changes to the licensing information is considered to have significant impact (both beneficial or negative) on users of the product
  • Where a significant issue arises with a product or service provider who has a sector deal in place, CAUDIT may engage/invite them to participate and provide a sector update. 

Thought Leadership

  • Where topical issues arise, CAUDIT may seek to bring in external expertise (that may include consultants or vendors) to provide an update, advice or other information relevant to the sector.

Engagement Partner

The Engagement Partner opportunity has been developed to provide a longer term, targeted, multi-faceted engagement style within the sector.  It allows for a more personalised approach with the additional outcomes of more meaningful discussions.

Through the Engagement Partner opportunity, you have the ability to customise your engagement over a 12-month period through a variety of platforms to targeted audiences of: Executive, senior, or technical experts from CAUDIT member organisations – which will maximise the value of the outcomes from these interactions.

Engagement Partner application fee $30,000 excluding GST


Engagement Partner Benefits Explained:

Product Showcase

As an Engagement Partner you will receive all benefits of the Product Showcase.  This includes one CAUDIT facilitated webinar, your company logo and website link promoted on the CAUDIT Product Showcase webpage; 12-month access to the recording of your webinar on the Product Showcase webpage.  See the Product Showcase for more detailed information.

Panel discussion

CAUDIT will facilitate and host one panel discussion with the Engagement Partner and senior level or domain experts from the CAUDIT membership to discuss your product or other topical issues of mutual interest.  This will be a small intimate setting to ensure good connections are made and opportunities for all participants to engage and provide useful contributions.  To ensure a broad representation on the panel, the session will be held online thus providing the Engagement Partner and participants a valuable experience.

It is anticipated that up to three representatives from the Engagement Partner may wish to participate in the panel and CAUDIT will make best effort to ensure a minimum of five representatives of CAUDIT member organisations.

Speak with members of the CAUDIT Executive or one-on-one with CAUDIT CEO

As an Engagement Partner, up to three representatives will be presented with an invitation to attend a session at one CAUDIT Executive Committee Meeting or hold a one-on-one meeting with the CAUDIT CEO.

  • Members of the CAUDIT Executive Committee are either CIOs, CDOs or IT Directors of Australian and New Zealand universities and are representative of the CAUDIT membership in driving the strategic direction of the association.  This rare engagement will allow you to discuss your product, services and its relevance and context to the higher education sector and receive valuable feedback from them. 
  • Depending on your company’s goals and operating model, you may prefer a one-on-one meeting with the CAUDIT CEO.  This intimate setting will provide you with a unique opportunity to discuss alignment of your product/services with CAUDIT member priorities and/or CAUDIT’s strategic initiatives and core activities in the sector.

It is anticipated that either session will run for up to one hour and may be in person or online depending on participants location and timing.  CAUDIT will work with you to ensure that all parties receive the best value from this opportunity.

Circulation of article in the CAUDIT newsletter

CAUDIT publishes a monthly electronic newsletter.  There are currently over 2000 subscribers to the newsletter, representative of all levels of staff from CAUDIT member organisations and other sector partner providers.

We would be pleased to circulate an article of your choice of topic via one issue of the CAUDIT newsletter.  You are in control of preparing the narrative and will provide the final, edited version to CAUDIT ready for circulation.  The ideal format will be to provide a link to the article hosted on your own platform that we will link to from the CAUDIT newsletter.  We cannot guarantee which issue the article will appear in however we will work with your strategic timelines as much as possible.

Promotion of partner event

We will be pleased to circulate your invitation to one of your own hosted events.  The event topic, location, type and target audience is at your discretion.  Whilst we cannot make any guarantee of representation or acceptance of your invitation, we will work alongside you to provide the maximum exposure of your event by promoting your invitation via the CAUDIT Newsletter and email distribution lists and providing you with advice on alignment with CAUDIT or member initiatives (e.g. via the CAUDIT Top Ten Topics) and other sector event dates/location etc to maximise attendance.

Promotion of your company logo and website

We will display your company logo and a link to your company website on our Engagement Partner webpage for 12 months.

Permission to use CAUDIT Partner Logo and recognition

CAUDIT has developed a special ‘CAUDIT Partner Logo’ in recognition for your participation as an Engagement Partner.  We will be pleased to grant you permission to use the CAUDIT Partner Logo in your communications for 12 months.

We will endeavour to provide the permission to you with as few restrictions as possible to ensure that you are able to promote your involvement in the CAUDIT Partner Program.  The way in which you might utilise the logo might be to include it in your email signature block or display on your own website.

Cybersecurity Partner

Cybersecurity is an increasingly important part of the higher education and research landscape.  CAUDIT has a dedicated Cybersecurity Program which performs a valuable coordinating and advisory role, working together within the CAUDIT membership, delivering economies of scale and helping mature sector cybersecurity capabilities across people, processes and technology.  CAUDIT is the lead partner of the Australasian Higher Education Cybersecurity Service (AHECS).

The Cybersecurity Partner will have the opportunity to engage in activities targeting the CAUDIT Cybersecurity community for webinars and panel sessions shaped to your target audience.

In addition to the multiple engagement opportunities of the Product Showcase and Engagement Partner benefits, you are also given the opportunity to be involved in a significant cybersecurity sector event hosted by CAUDIT, the benefits of which include securing a significant discount on sponsorship packages and extended lead-time sponsor recognition.

Cybersecurity Partner application fee $30,000 plus

Cybersecurity Partner Benefits Explained:

Engagement Partner Benefits

As a Cybersecurity Partner you will receive all the benefits of the Engagement Partner with interactions also streamlined to your target cyber audience.  CAUDIT will facilitate and host one panel discussion with the Cybersecurity Partner and senior level or domain experts from the extensive CAUDIT network plus the CAUDIT Cybersecurity Community of Practice.

Cybersecurity Partner add-on

When you add-on Cybersecurity Partner to your partnership you will receive a 20% discount off the published price for either Silver or Platinum sponsorship to the AHECS Cybersecurity Summit and you will receive all of the value and benefits included under each sponsorship offering as outlined in the event sponsorship prospectus.

In addition to the discounted sponsorship that you receive, when you add-on this option you will be referred to as a ‘Cybersecurity Partner’ for the 12-month duration of your Engagement partnership, regardless of when your partnership begins and when the summit is held.  This gives you potentially 12 month’s promotion.

Please note that you must be an Engagement Partner to access this add-on.  You will be invoiced for the Cybersecurity Summit sponsorship portion at the same time as your Engagement Partner invoice.  There is no option to stagger payments for either partner offering.  If you add-on this option before the next Summit sponsorship prospectus is released, you will be invoiced at the rate of the previous year (less your 20%)!

Strategic Partner

Partnerships are an important focus for CAUDIT, and the sector, as a commitment to mutual benefits and the transformation of higher education and research.  Each partnership is unique in its value to the entities involved.

In some circumstances, CAUDIT will engage in Strategic Partnerships governed by an MoU usually with other sector organisations that identify a specific set of deliverables including, but not limited to, taking the shape of partnering for conferences or projects, sharing of IP and providing specific advantages or services for those employed within IT or promoting the exchange of information regarding digital services.

The development of an MoU may take several months through personalised discussions with the CAUDIT CEO ensuring alignment of the deliverables against strategic criteria and focus and will be executed by the CAUDIT Executive on behalf of the CAUDIT Membership.

Acceptance into the Strategic Partnership is very limited and application submission does not guarantee acceptance into the program.  Because applications to the Strategic Partner offering are subject to strong scrutiny, your application may not progress beyond application not because the mutual objectives are not worthwhile, but because the timing isn’t right.  This in no way reflects on the value of your company and products.   

Existing Strategic Partnerships can be found on the CAUDIT website.

Direct Sponsor

CAUDIT holds a number of significant events throughout the year that provide traditional and innovative opportunities for those wishing to promote their products and services through direct one-off sponsorship.  CAUDIT events are either targeted to specific disciplines or are more broadly aligned to the sector’s immediate needs.

Events hosted by CAUDIT include the annual CAUDIT Awards, Spring and Autumn Members Meetings, Cybersecurity Summit and Community of Practice Symposiums and the bi-ennial THETA conference (run in partnership with our Library and Teaching & Learning colleagues).

In addition to the regular events, there is potential to be involved through ad hoc, topical activities such as domestic and international study tours.

The best way to keep informed about direct sponsorship opportunities is to subscribe to the CAUDIT sponsor email list.