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CAUDIT Members are surveyed annually to determine the Top Ten Topics affecting the strategic application of digital capabilities in support of their organisation's mission.  

The CAUDIT Top Ten is a vital tool highlighting the most significant areas of interest and opportunity for ICT leaders in Australian and New Zealand higher education and research sectors. 

Each year CAUDIT members participate in a Working Group to identify the topics.

The CAUDIT Top Ten forms part of CAUDIT's Strategic Plan. 

The 2021 CAUDIT Member Representative's Top Ten, along side their 2020 rankings, are:

Topic with 2021 statement
1 1

Information Security Embedding an Information Security approach to enable organisational outcomes

Keywords: Security, Governance, Service Provision

2 2

Supporting Student Success Improving student outcomes through the strategic alignment of technology

Keywords: Teaching and Learning, Student Outcomes, User-centricity

3 3

Business Transformation Positioning ICT as a catalyst to support transformation of education and research, along with transforming the institution’s business functions, by changing operating models (including AI and Robotic Process Automation)

Keywords: Business Value, Strategy, Collaboration

Not listed in 2020 4

New Models of Teaching and Learning Identifying and supporting the use of innovative technology in teaching and learning

Keywords: Teaching and Learning, Innovation, New Technology


Delivering Services Embedding agility, scalability and cost effectiveness across activities to deliver value to students and staff

Keywords: Strategy, Enterprise Architecture, Service Provision

18 6

Seamless User Experience Ubiquitous service enabling students and staff to be and stay connected to their peers and colleagues

Keywords: Access, User-centricity, Service Provision

 15 7

Leadership As trusted advisor and partner, leading the institution and ICT team in a challenging environment

Keywords: Strategy, Collaboration, Service Provision

7 8

Digital Integrations An outcome-driven enterprise architecture approach integrating ICT systems and agile developments with business objectives

Keywords: System Integration, Digital, New Technology

 13 9

Modern Workplace  Meeting the changing needs of the modern ICT workforce across evolving physical and virtual environments and flexible work practices; attracting and retaining skilled staff in a very competitive ICT marketplace

Keywords: Workforce, Sustainability, Capability

8 10

Cultural Change  Changing organisation culture to support new ways of working: fostering a workplace that welcomes diversity, safety, and high performance

Keywords: Strategy, Management, New Technology

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CAUDIT develops a short narrative which accompanies each topic to provide some context and background and you can download this for the current and past years using the links below.  You will note that we changed from a focus on 'issues' to 'topics' in order to better reflect the positive way each area is viewed.


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