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CAUDIT Members are surveyed annually to determine the Top Ten Topics affecting the strategic application of digital capabilities in support of their organisation's mission.  

The CAUDIT Top Ten is a vital tool highlighting the most significant areas of interest and opportunity for ICT leaders in Australian and New Zealand higher education and research sectors. 

The CAUDIT Top Ten forms part of CAUDIT's Strategic Plan. 

The 2019 CAUDIT Member Representative's Top Ten, along side their 2018 rankings, are:

1 1

Supporting Student Success

Improving student outcomes through an institutional approach that strategically leverages technology

2 2

Information Security 

Taking a risk-based approach to security as an enabler

3 3

Business Transformation 

Positioning ICT as a catalyst to support the transformation of education and research, along with transforming the institution’s business functions

- 4

Delivering Services

Embedding agility, scalability and cost effectiveness across all activity to deliver value to students and staff


Cultural Change

Agility to change the ICT culture to align with the organisation’s needs

8 6

Digital Integrations

Leveraging enterprise architecture frameworks to facilitate smooth integration of data, systems and services

4  7


Ensuring the institution’s future in a digitalised world


Educational Technology

Identifying and supporting the use of innovative technology in teaching and learning

10  9

Data-enabled Institution

Leveraging data and governance and enablers such as AI and ML to support both strategic decision making and day to day operations

6 10 

Research Support

Providing a sustainable research support model servicing the needs of all researchers

CAUDIT develops a short narrative which accompanies each topic to provide some context and background and you can download this for the current and past years using the links below.  You will note that we changed from a focus on 'issues' to 'topics' in order to better reflect the positive way each area is viewed.


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