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ccEngage is a co-investment partnership between Cisco and CAUDIT Members, to identify and undertake activities of mutual interest.

The objective of this work is to identify, discuss and solve a range of business challenges faced by the Higher Education and Research sectors by bringing together the collective resources of multiple institutions and creating a positive collegiate environment for individuals within the sector to connect with peers and their Cisco counterparts.


The benefits for CAUDIT Members are:

  • Quicker fixes to pressing issues
  • Sector-wide positions/strategies
  • More informed strategic decision making
  • Stronger shared/joint business cases
  • Early identification of risks and opportunities
  • More informed investments (or investments avoided)

The benefits for Cisco are:

  • Clearer understanding of priorities within the sector
  • Better allocation of resources
  • Identification/development of new offerings/solutions
  • Expansion of partner ecosystem (to build out offerings/solutions)
  • More informed business cases regarding investments in sector
  • Validation and testing of (for example) consumption models, roadmaps


As part of the ccEngage relationship, Cisco provides CAUDIT with accounts on WebEx for use for the CAUDIT Connect Live! Webinar Program.

Study Tours

Dandalo partners facilitated a tour to the UK, Denmark and Sweden in mid-2015.  The tour was attended by university executives from around Australia and focused on the role that technology is playing in helping universities be more innovative and responsive to students, staff and communities.  The 2015 Higher Education and Research Study Tour report provides a snapshot of major themes and conclusions, including case studies on the Danish Outdoor Lighting Lab and the Malmo City Tranformation.

Reports for this tour, and previous tours are available below:

Future Events

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Further Information

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