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The World Health Organisation has declared that COVID-19 is a pandemic.

The disease has had a large impact upon the Higher Education sector, and society in general.  There are many sources of information available when it comes to this disease.  The role of CAUDIT as the peak membership body for information technology within higher education and research across the region, guides the information that we provide—focused around information technology, services (and related matters).

Financial Impact

CAUDIT has published an open letter to all IT vendors working with the sector.  The letter highlights the ongoing financial concerns impacting the sector, and a request for our partners to work with us at this time.  Universities Australia provided a update on job losses and the financial impact on the sector on 3 February 2021.

Public Resources

Authoritative sources of information related to COVID-19 in Australia, and across the world:


CAUDIT has created a repository of information for its member organisations with respect to COVID-19 and how the sector is responding.  All CAUDIT Member CIO's/Directors have access to these resources, but others may also be interested.  Much of the information is confidential, with registration required for access.

  • Background, health information and related statistics
  • Government information, links and notes
  • Relevant sector statistics
  • Details of university and sector responses
  • University public messaging
  • Webinars
  • Online examination and invigilation software
  • Information pertaining to research
  • Information from vendors/offers
  • Risk management information
  • Responses from International Universities, Higher Education Sectors and other organisations
  • Coronovirus facts and insights
  • Impact upon conferences and events worldwide
  • Resilience information
  • Technical Working Group information

Register for Access