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Cyber Presentations - CAUDIT USLC Brisbane Conference

Calls for Cybersecurity Presentation at CAUDIT USLC Conference - Brisbane September 2018

The University Software Licensing Community (USLC), a CAUDIT Community of Practice is scheduling its 6th Software Licensing and Asset Management (SLAM) conference in Brisbane in September.

On behalf of the USLC I am writing to invite interested Cybersecurity CoP members in nominating to provide a 30 minute presentation at the conference on cyber security.  Speakers will receive a free conference presenter ticket for the entire conference. 

The presentation can optionally be done as a joint presentation (with a member of USLC), and could focus on any cybersecurity aspect for example:

  • a general cyber security landscape overview
  • specific threats relevant to the USLC such as data aspects of software licensing records, storage, access etc
  • supply chain risk
  • breaches and impacts 
  • password practices
  • browser security
  • security responsibilities etc.  

The scope is flexible and the aim is to contribute to the USLC's awareness on cyber security in general and in relation to their area of interest.

It is also an excellent opportunity to add to the current collaboration occurring between the CAUDIT Cybersecurity and USLC CoPs in areas such as identifying security vendors, upcoming security webinars, CAUDIT discounts for cyber security software, products and services etc.  The Mimecast offering is an excellent example of discounted licencing pricing achieved by USLC which specifically contributes to CAUDIT cybersecurity offerings and there is more to follow.

Please see attached a call for submissions with further information.

If you intend to nominate or are thinking about it, could you please let me know so I can ensure effective traction on the submission.

Look forward to hearing from interested nominees!

Kind Regards,

Tim Lane

2018 USLC SLAM Call For Presentations.pdf