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Cyber Security Top Ten Topics

The Cybersecurity Community of Practice (CoP) in conjunction with CAUDIT are launching an initiative to bring together the Top Ten Cyber Security Topics/Issues.

 It is intended to establish a small working group from the Cybersecurity CoP to work on behalf of CAUDIT on this project.

The goal of this initiative will be to reach out to Australian and New Zealand universities to understand each university's Top Ten Topics/Issues and provide a detailed analysis back to CAUDIT to feed into their Top Ten Report.

I will be leading this initiative on behalf of the Cybersecurity CoP and nominations to participate in the working group are now being sought. I would encourage all interested people to contact me directly for further information and to nominate for the group.

Interested Cybersecurity staff from CAUDIT member organisations can contact me: Connie McIntosh, to join the working group or for further information on this project.