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Cybersecurity Community August Update


The AusCERT CAUDIT ISAC pilot successfully concluded on the 8th of June. As at late July, 20 universities have officially joined the production ISAC with a further 11 that have expressed interest in joining. AusCERT hopes to onboard the remaining universities in the coming months, and assist the higher education sector to reach the full potential of this network of threat intelligence. In addition to the technical sharing platform (MISP), AusCERT also facilitates a mailing list for the CAUDIT ISAC members to enable discussions of both technical and non-technical issues. Governance, risk and compliance topics are now being discussed via this mailing list.  Collaboration between the AusCERT CAUDIT-ISAC and the CAUDIT Cybersecurity CoP will ensure that coordination on sector wide vulnerabilities and remediation activities can be further targeted and improved.

Calls for a Cybersecurity Speaker at the CAUDIT USLC Brisbane Conference – September 2018

Calls are made for anyone with an interest and passion for cybersecurity to present on the topic at the University Software Licencing Community (USLC) in September Brisbane. A free conference ticket will be provided and the presentation can be broad ranging.  For further information please contact the Cybersecurity CoP Chair Tim Lane at

Establishing a NSW-ACT NAUDIT State Based CoP

A presentation was recently made by the Cybersecurity CoP Chair Tim Lane to NAUDIT to propose the establishment of a NSW-ACT Cybersecurity CoP.  The proposal has been approved and nominees from each university have been collated.  The first meeting will be scheduled in the coming weeks.  The intention is to build a federated cybersecurity network across Australia and NZ with coordination at the CAUDIT level.  This model will allow state based CoP activity and aggregation to CAUDIT to progress sector wide initiatives.  The next CoP for proposal will be Western Australia. For further information please contact the Cybersecurity CoP Chair Tim Lane at

CAUDIT Cybersecurity Benchmarking Initiative

(Chair:  Marc Blum, UQ)  A Cybersecurity Community of Practice working group has been established to assist CAUDIT with further developing cybersecurity benchmarking data collection. The group held its first meeting recently and it is not too late to join this key initiative.  The aim of this working group will be to develop, recommend and provide a core set of cybersecurity benchmarking metrics for annual collection through the existing CAUDIT benchmarking process. For further information or to join please contact the Cybersecurity CoP Chair Tim Lane at

CAUDIT Cybersecurity Awareness and Training Initiative

(Chair: Stephanie James, ACU) The Cybersecurity Awareness and Training Initiative is preparing an update for CAUDIT based on identification of key security areas for training, a review of a range of materials and recommendations for next steps forward.  The goal of this initiative is to provide CAUDIT members with cost effective, customised sector relevant SCORM compliant CBT based cybersecurity training material.

CAUDIT Cybersecurity Top Ten Topics Initiative

(Chair: Connie McIntosh, USC) The Cybersecurity Top Ten Topics initiative has now formed a working group and has had its first meeting.  This initiative will establish and implement a process to identify the Top Ten Topics which strategically impact cybersecurity across the sector.  The group will also focus on identifying, investigating and recommendation solutions which target the identified topics.