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Cybersecurity Procurement Deals

New CAUDIT Cybersecurity Procurement Deals

With a continued focus on improving Cybersecurity related Procurement offerings for members, the A/CAUDIT Procurement Manager and the Cyber Security CoP Chair have been working with a number of vendors on securing additional price effective and quality offerings.

Recently, in addition to Cofense Phishing and Tenable.IO vulnerability management (both extremely good deals), CAUDIT has added YellIT and Alcorn Group for penetration testing (both groups also  provide a wide range of other cyber security consultancy services).

YellIT and Alcorn Group have very competitive pricing for pen testing and also will add in one free day of consultancy on any topic you like with every 10 days of service ordered (in addition YellIT includes a post remediation re-test as part of any pen test).

Details of procurement offerings can be accessed on the CAUDIT website under Procurement.  These services can be provided to all CAUDIT members regardless of location.

NAUDIT Cybersecurity Community of Practice Establishment

The second NAUDIT Cyber Security CoP meeting will be held at Uni of Western Sydney on 9th November.  Following this meeting an invite will be extended for nominations as NAUDIT Cybersecurity CoP Chair to lead the group. The NAUDIT Cybersecurity CoP is part of establishing an Australian and NZ wide federated Cybersecurity CoP model under CAUDIT and is strongly supported by CAUDIT and actively encouraged by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC).

ASIO Cyber Security Briefing

The Cyber Security CoP Chair Tim Lane recently attended an ASIO briefing in Canberra headquarters on cybersecurity specific to the Australian High Education and Research sector.  A key focus included the concern that the Australian Higher Education and Research sector is increasingly being heavily targeted by both traditional and non-traditional actors.  The activities and impacts associated with cyber espionage and foreign interference, as well as the various roles that the Department of Defence agencies such as ACSC, ASD, ASIO etc. undertook in cybersecurity was discussed.  It is more essential than ever that all CAUDIT members actively and ongoingly seek assurance at senior levels on their institution’s cyber security resiliency capability and strategic framework for managing cybersecurity.