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Benchmarking Data Collection

Annually CAUDIT requests Members to enter benchmarking data into the CAUDIT Benchmarking System to provide selected information for the Annual CAUDIT Benchmarking Report presented at the CAUDIT Spring Members Meeting.

2018 CAUDIT Benchmarking data collection is now open for registered 2018 Updaters

Close-off is COB Friday 1 June 2018

In response to recommendations made by the CAUDIT membership, and approved by the CAUDIT Benchmarking Advisory Committee [BMAC], for 2018 there will be a number of new data elements being added within the current sections of Benchmarking data collection system.  Key reporting documents are currently being updated to incorporate and describe these additions.

1. New 2018 Benchmarking Updaters Need to Register

New Updaters for the 2018 CAUDIT Benchmarking data collection need to be registered to access the CAUDIT Benchmarking data collection portal.  

  • Please refer to the email sent by Steven Wojnarowski [] on Wednesday 11 April 2018 with subject: Registering a new 2018 CAUDIT Benchmarking data collection Updater. 

2. Key reference documents

The Updater Checklist for 2018 is available below.  It was emailed to all 2018 Updaters on Friday 13 April 2018 under subject: 2018 Updater Check List 

3.  Data Extract based on updated 2018 content data is not available

Due to the new additions to the 2018 Benchmarking data collection the Data Extract based on the new 2018 content is being updated and not currently available.  Members will be notified when 2018 content based data extracts have been updated and available for access.  

Should you have any data needs from the CAUDIT Benchmarking system please contact Steven Wojnarowski by email: or call on +61 411 022 249 to assist you. 

4. Webinar held Thursday 19 April 2018

Presentation slides: Webinar Presentation slides [PDF]

Webinar Recording: To be available shortly 


 For any queries please contact Steven Wojnarowski, Director Analytics and Strategic Initiatives or email

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