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From the Director

Michael Kirby-Lewis
Director, CAUDIT Leadership Institute

Dear Colleagues:

Universities are central to the economic development of nations, and a critical component of the shift to a knowledge-based economy. University staff who work in information technology, learning technology and information services have a special obligation to maintain their skills at the highest levels, to both support and lead their institutions through times of transformation.  To do this effectively, these staff need the ability to think strategically, influence and collaborate with stakeholders, and lead their own staff in addition to their technical expertise.   

The CAUDIT Leadership Institute endeavors to develop these present and future leaders in information technology and related disciplines in higher education through a curriculum that focuses on managerial and leadership concepts and skills and enhances participants' knowledge of trends in higher education.

The Institute program is designed for high quality and intensive interactions among attendees and between attendees and faculty members chosen for their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for their profession. The number of attendees is limited to 42. Time for reflection and renewal is an integral element of the Institute program.

If you are interested in your professional development, in your career, in becoming a more valuable contributor to your institution, in remaining current in key areas of management theory and technique specifically focused on higher education, please join us at the CAUDIT Leadership Institute at the Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove, Gold Coast during August.

Michael Kirby-Lewis (Kirby),
CIO, UNSW 2007-2016
Immediate Past President – CAUDIT