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Entry Conditions / Criteria


  • Applications are open to all current CAUDIT member organisation staff working in IT (except for the Member Representative themselves)
  • The initiative or activity has been or will be completed within the 12 months prior to the closing date for submissions
  • The individual leading the activity/initiative must be from a recognised IT team and a current employee of a CAUDIT member organisation during the 12 months prior to the closing of submissions
  • Collaborative entries between institutions can be accepted, however the lead institution must make the submission
  • Size of activity does not matter. Large, medium or small - all submissions are welcome
  • Applicants must meet all eligibility criteria
  • You may make a submission as an individual or on behalf of a team. You may also nominate others
  • Initiative or activity may be entered in one Award Category only
  • Short description of the initiative or project must not exceed 250 words
  • Additional initiative/activity description provided via file upload must not exceed 2 A4 pages
  • 2 brief (max. 300 words) testimonials from direct reports, peer or senior staff should be included with the submission
  • Activity/Initiative will need to be endorsed by the organisation’s CAUDIT Member Representative
  • Applications must be submitted via the online submission form
  • You acknowledge that photographers may attend CAUDIT events and the images of participants may be used on the CAUDIT website or within event marketing material. If you do not wish to be photographed, please advise the photographer at the time.


Criteria applicable to all Award Categories include: 

  • Demonstrated value to the institution and its stakeholders.
  • Institutional context/support; Return on Investment (either measured or expected); demonstrated alignment with institution's goals 
  • Demonstrating innovation  
    Describe how new ground was forged - innovation; new technology; new approaches; how risk was managed 
  • Stakeholder Engagement 
    What changes have there been in attitudes, behaviour or values of the participants and target audience?  
    Have any other overall relevant benefits been achieved? 
  • Sustainability & Scalability
    In what ways has the activity shown itself to be conscious of its own long-term costs and contributions as part of a commitment to sustainable practice? 
    What challenges have been met or barriers surmounted? 
  • Has it become a model for other activity? 
  • Any other comments?

Each award category focuses on slightly different elements of these criteria.

The points contained below will provide a guide to the judging panels when considering submissions or you can download and print this document