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Growth of the CAUDIT Cybersecurity Community

Growth of CAUDIT Cybersecurity CoP Member Listing

The CAUDIT Cybersecurity CoP member listing has grown over recent months to over 200 members.   All Australian and New Zealand universities now have representation on the CAUDIT Cybersecurity CoP list so it is becoming more and more useful as a means of asking questions and sharing information.

Australasian Higher Education Cybersecurity Service (AHECS) Initiative

The business case for AHECS, a CAUDIT strategic initiative involving collaboration between CAUDIT, AusCERT and AARNet is nearing completion.  The working group includes representatives from all three organisations including University CIO and Cybersecurity CoP representation.   More information on AHECS is available on the CAUDIT website.

Western Australia Community of Practice

Following establishment of local state-based CoPs for QLD, Vic/Tassie and NSW/ACT, discussions have been initiated with the Chief Digital and Information Officer of the University of Western Australian to establish a WA state based (i.e. WAUDIT) CoP. Having a ‘federated’ model of regions being represented with CoPs which tie into the CAUDIT Cybersecurity CoP is part of a longer term plan to further enable strategic cybersecurity initiatives.  The state-based CoPs have proven to be very active, meeting in person quarterly, developing relationships and collaboration.


AusCERT have recently advised that there are now 27 universities who are members of the CAUDIT-ISAC, this is excellent progress and the aim is to have 100% membership.  If you are not sure if your institution is a member or not, please discuss internally or with AusCERT via  Furthing information on the ISAC can be found here