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How can I find out what other universities are doing about the same problem I'm working on?

There are a number of ways in which members and IT Professional can find out what their peers are doing.

The CAUDIT Benchmarking System has a profile section which details all of the major systems etc that each university is using.  This information can assist members and IT Professionals to locate others who are using the same technology to ask a more targetted question.

Search through the previous surveys and see if someone else hasn't previously sought the same information you're looking for.

IT Professionals can through their IT Director/CIO conduct a survey of the CAUDIT memebrship.  CAUDIT can can assist with loading your questions onto Survey Monkey through the Events and Collaboration Support Officer.

IT Directors/CIOs can contact their peers and conduct an informal survey via the CAUDIT IT Director/CIO email list.  Emails can only be sent this list by current IT Directors/CIOs.