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Improving Student Success submissions 2020

Submissions listed alphabetically by university.

Deakin Scout - A smart, personalised wayfinding app, providing location-based services to staff and students

Deakin University


Scout is a leading-edge wayfinding application that leverages Wi-Fi and the Internet-of-Things to provide personalised navigation, as well as location-based services to Deakin’s students, staff and visitors, ensuring they get the most out of their on-campus experience with regard to facilities, services and the environment. On the surface, Scout allows users to search for a room or service and provides step-by-step directions (including accessible routes) from their location to destination; both in and around Deakin’s campus environments. Scout senses traffic on Deakin's wireless network, and uses this data to recognise a user’s physical location on campus. Deakin captures this data to understand how and when spaces are being used, to support strategic planning and investment decisions related to timetabling, security, building refurbishment, construction, maintenance and services. The data can assist in addressing the changing infrastructure needs and types of learning spaces required, to reflect the pedagogical shift to active learning. 

Inspire Program – Australias 1st Digital Doctorate

Flinders University

The Inspire Program delivered Australia’s first digital doctorate experience. It provided an online platform for HDR students, their supervisors, academic and professional staff involved in managing the full lifecycle of their candidature. It has delivered the ability for students to identify current and desired skills based on the VITAE framework and access courses; identify career paths and plan goals. Students can access scholarship forms, view their entire candidature in a timeline with clear milestones showing their path to achieve award of degree. They can apply for variations to candidature and submit their thesis online and when approved, their timeline is automatically updated. It has delivered the ability for HDR supervisors to track the progress of their students, nominate examiners and access HDR supervision training and accreditation online. Inspire has delivered a Supervisor Register that enables the Office of Graduate Research (OGR) and HDR Coordinators to match prospective students with Supervisors.

Bachelor of Arts Explorer

La Trobe University

La Trobe University

La Trobe University’s Information Services department worked collaboratively with the School of Humanities and IBM Garage to create a new digital response for a challenge faced by the broad Bachelor of Arts (BA) cohort. The challenge is BA students at La Trobe University are asked to select one of 50 majors when undertaking their degree and previously the information was from multiple sources and usually paper based.  With the introduction of the BA Explorer, students are able test their interest in many areas before undertaking the difficult choice of choosing a major. The design transformed information making it interactive, enabling personalisation, and providing information in a visually engaging way. The BA Explorer helps both students who are unsure of their direction, and staff who are assisting and guiding students. The primary goal is to give students confidence in their academic selection and path, empowering them to explore new options. 

Murdoch University Student Portal & Mobile App

Murdoch University

Murdoch Logo

On 29/7/19 Murdoch University launched a new student mobile app and web portal named MyMurdoch. Working with platform provider Ex Libris, the Portal gives students greatly improved access to their student life online. Students receive personalised views and content according to campus, study level and student co-hort. The solution has significantly increased the functionality from the previous bespoke and hard to maintain platform and provides students portable access to course information, personalised calendar, career listings, notifications, advice for studying and health/wellness support. This is Murdoch’s first cross-platform product for centrally managed content publishable to both the mobile and web applications. In addition, it takes feeds from other core systems such as Learning Management, Student Management, Career Management via a newly created Integration Service. The new portal was welcomed enthusiastically by the student body, with over 21,000 unique app users registered after 4 weeks, representing approximately 90% of Murdoch’s student population.

University of Canberra (UC): Digital Student Journey Phase One

University of Canberra

Uni of Canberra

The Digital Student Journey (DSJ) project was established to transform the way UC approaches its interaction with students from first enquiry through to enrolment, commencement, graduation and finally, as an alumnus.

Rather than viewing these interactions as requiring separate services and engagements, UC has changed its view and turned the spotlight onto focussing on the end‐to‐end student experience. Now, the focus is on developing, understanding, and implementing services that support the ‘educated life’ and complete student journey view, with due consideration given to each student journey interaction in context and in relation to one another.

Central to achieving this transformation the DSJ project is delivering a new experience‐based ‘digital student journey platform’. It supports a single, cohesive service for students, accessible across multiple digital devices that is seamlessly integrated with relevant UC systems. This award entry relates to Phase One of the project, which considered the ‘current student’ audience.

Indicative Fees Calculator

UNSW Sydney

UNSW logo

The Indicative Fees tool provides prospective international students with information about the indicative fees from 2020 to 2025.  This tool makes it easy for students to plan their degree by indicating what fees they might incur to complete a program. The indicative fees tool was built as a reusable component so that it can be made available easily through the various online channels that prospective international students might use to access information about their planned studies.

ITDS Student Engagement Program

UTS Insearch

UTS Insearch Logo

All ITDS staff have engaged in one day of student facing activity each year since 2018 resulting in swelling the numbers of volunteers at Graduation, overhauling the Student Orientation event and introducing two new Student Engagement Events 1) IT Career’s Q&A where IT Students were invited to ask questions of 4 panelists (CIO, IT PM, BA and System Engineer) about their careers; 2) A StarWars themed event where Students get to meet ITDS Staff and each other in a social setting with some serious IT themes (e.g. Raising Phishing Awareness). One of the most common issues for International students is loneliness and social gatherings are important to establish connections. The ITDS Student Engagement program is part of a deliberate effort to build and sustain a student focussed culture in a department that is traditionally ‘back-office’ where connecting with students directly can be difficult.


The university of Western Australia

UWA logo

During 2019 the UWA App project team, together with our partner Involvio, implemented a new mobile app for students.  The app aims to improve engagement of students and a feeling of community through access to discussion forums and a combined view of all events happening on campus.  The app also provides access to a number of resources that support student success, such as access to a smart, personalised calendar and various support services.  The app has received excellent reviews in the app store and is proving particularly valuable to incoming students, who are using the forums to ask questions and provide support for each other. Initially with a focus on supporting current students, it is anticipated that the app will be leveraged for engaging with future students and alumni, thereby facilitating enhanced engagement with the community stakeholders.   

Tertiary Success for Everyone - Ōritetanga

University of Waikato

uni of Waikato

The University of Waikato is committed to delivering a world-class education, and provides a suite of support services and learning development opportunities aimed at enhancing student success outcomes. The Tertiary Success for Everyone project was born out of a wider initiative to create radical and innovative change in practice to profoundly improve student outcomes, and fast-track further improvements in graduation rates of learners.

This project worked with a cross-section of University stakeholders to source data through the student voice, insights from machine learning, tracking student campus interactions and coursework completion. A specialist team built the data sets to analyse and understand the catalysts for disengagement, eventually causing students to withdraw or fail to qualify, and presented these via a dashboard application for stakeholders to understand.

The insights from this data now enables the University to transform the design of programmes of study and support services to better enable student success.

VU App

Victoria University
Victoria University logo

The VU App offers everything students need to navigate their life as a VU student in one place.  From their phone they can: view their current and past unit content, assessments, results and teacher communication on VU Collaborate; keep track of upcoming assignments, classes and view their timetable see their student details including fee invoices, enrolment, results and examination information; access their Learning Hub account to add, book and validate progress in Essential Activities, our range of skill development and career readiness programs; explore VU campuses with interactive maps; access their digital ID student card which can be used in VU Libraries and for other student services; browse an array of student facilities including IT services and Student Life activities; and stay up-to-date via personalised notifications. With student-led development and a sleek design, it’s earned over 22,000 users since launching in 2019.