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Join Cyber Threat Intel Sharing Initiative, AusCERT CAUDIT ISAC

The CAUDIT Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (ISAC) is a dedicated threat intelligence sharing group for universities. Benefit from experienced AusCERT analysts helping you utilise indicators of compromise to mitigate threats in your environment, saving you time and resources.  Upskill your team with AusCERT’s ongoing cyber security training on the technologies used for the ISAC.

AusCERT invested analyst resources resulting in a successful pilot running for more than 12 months with one third of CAUDIT members participating.  Moving into the next phase we now have expressions of interest from two thirds of CAUDIT members for the ISAC.

Established within three universities twenty-five years ago, AusCERT is perfectly positioned to increase the cyber security resilience of CAUDIT members. Gathering knowledge from pilot participants and trusted sources, AusCERT enriches and shares relevant data with the CAUDIT community.  For example the pilot ISAC has successfully assisted universities to detect and mitigate incidents such as cryptomining and phishing targeted at universities.

It’s not too late to get involved, contact us at to express your interest and join the pilot.