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Australasian Higher Education Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment

The CAUDIT Alyne Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment has been completed with 36 institutions participating in the assessment. This included 29 Australian institutions, 4 NZ institutions and 3 affiliated institutions.
The report provided to participating institutions, believed to be a world and sector first, provided a confidential new lens with which to compare progress against other institutions in the sector and grouping against the full ASCS Essential Eight and partial NIST and ISO27001 standards. The averages and assessment resulting are neither good or bad, they however provide a view to understand institutional maturity against previously unavailable sector data and an opportunity to review against your institutional risk.
Alyne have provided an offer to the sector. This will provide institutions with the capability to continue to utilise the tool and potentially expand the use, as per the Alyne offer. Alyne is available and ready to discuss as needed.
If you have any queries or comment, please contact Greg SawyerJeff Sussman, Head Alyne Australia and New Zealand can be contacted for any discussion on the tool, the offer or opportunities with the Alyne platform.