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CAUDIT Development Programs now OPEN!

CAUDIT is excited to open applications for its two outstanding leadership development programs, the CAUDIT Leadership Institute and the CAUDIT Managers Program.  Both programs have received rigorous review and updates to the content ensure that they continue to remain at the forefront of management and leadership concepts and techniques.  The programs are developed specifically for IT, Library and Research staff from within the higher education sector.  They are developed by the sector for the sector. 

CAUDIT Managers Program

Target audience:  New team leaders and managers or those who want to formally build on their skills and self-awareness.  This program employs an introspective approach to creating self-awareness of your own personal style and increasing knowledge to perform and manage staff more effectively.  The CMP content includes sessions focusing on effective management styles, how to coach, influencing, having those difficult staff conversations, running successful meetings and personal goal mapping.   The modules are tied together by your personal 360-degree feedback received at the beginning and end of the program.  Participants will also benefit greatly from their one-on-one coaching throughout the program.

CMP Commitment:  Participants will need to attend all three face-to-face sessions and online coaching sessions to be able to complete the program.  In between sessions participants are expected to integrate their newly acquired knowledge into their work environments.  It is a pro-active real-time situational learning approach - not just hypothetical.  (Overall program capped at 20 placements).  Applications close 27 April 2018.

CAUDIT Leadership Institute

Target audience:  Senior IT professionals working in management positions for a number of years,  aspiring CIO’s and those with a passion and commitment to enhancing their leadership capabilities and who want to understand and be contributors to the leadership culture of their organisation.  The CLI program has a strong emphasis on managing up and team development.  It is delivered by leaders from within the higher education sector.  The Institute delivers a strong focus on strategic and cultural awareness within the organisation, high impact communications, leading change to triumph, building effective teams, resilient leadership, successful pitching, and career management.

CLI Commitment: Run over one solid week in August, the Institute is designed to be fully immersive with activities planned each evening, Monday through Thursday. As such there is very little free time and participants should expect and be prepared for a challenging week. Participants should not bring companions/family members until either the Institute concludes on the Friday or on the weekend prior to the start of the program. There are no elements of the program that are considered as optional and full attendance and engagement is expected.  Be present in the moment and take a break from work - phones, email etc is not able to be accessed during sessions.  (Overall program capped at 42).  Applications close 17 May 2018.

Find out more including how to apply for both programs by visiting this page: or using the direct links above.

Programs open to staff within IT, library and research support from CAUDIT Member Organisations