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CAUDIT Members invest in their staff through participation in the 2020 CAUDIT Managers Program.

Eight CAUDIT Member organisations are investing in their staff through participation in the 2020 CAUDIT Managers Program. 

With exposure to leadership foundations, techniques for coaching, building resilience, influencing, and facilitating difficult conversations, participants develop highly relevant skills as today's new and experienced managers. 

Beginning in May, the seven-month CAUDIT Managers Program has gained momentum with the group of 13 participants coming together for their second round of sessions in late August.  

With representation from eight member organisations the 2020 participants comprise of a diverse range of disciplines such as DevOps, Projects, Infrastructure, Client Services and IT Strategy/Planning/Governance represented in the cohort.   

The organisations participating in the 2020 program are themselves demonstrating leadership with their continued focus on developing their staff during 2020.  The 2020 participants are:

2020 CAUDIT Managers Program Participants

The themes of the program that the participants have been exposed to so far look at foundations of leadership along with techniques for effective coaching, building resilience through change, influencing, and, facilitating difficult conversations.  All very relevant skills for todays new and existing managers.  Embedded in the learnings of the Managers Program are the results from their individual 360 degree feedback profiling which participants spent one module analysing and identifying areas of strength and growth.
Cassandra Spencer, ManagerProfessional Development at CAUDIT has spent the past few months working with PaceLearning, who deliver the program, converting the content for online delivery.  Following the successful delivery of the modules Cassandra noted that ‘participation in the session was 100% and the engagement level by participants was extremely high with the same degree of interaction and collaboration as what would be expected and experienced during onsite sessions.  From the start, participants have demonstrated an eagerness and willingness to embrace the software and tools used to deliver the program online ensuring that they receive maximum value from the sessions.
This has extended to the highly valued cross institution networking sessions.  Considered an integral part of the program, participants have used the new online forum to invite peers to the sessions so the focus of the networking is shifted from the location/host university, to the skills and projects being delivered by the colleagues of all participants of the program providing a wider net for introductions.
Future sessions will include governance of meetings and aspirational personal goal setting. Read more about the CAUDIT Managers Program (CMP) here >