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CAUDIT Procurement Update - June 2019

VMware 2020 renewal

CAUDIT is about to commence discussions with VMware for the 2020 renewal.  If you are interested in participating in the Negotiation Working Group, please contact Steve Johnston

Fast-Track for Vendors

CAUDIT has introduced a fast-track process for vendors.  If you are a vendor, of have a vendor that you would like to see with an offer via CAUDIT, the Fast Track process is the best starting point —


The University Software Licensing Community (USLC) is the best place to get information about CAUDIT procurement and is open to all University Staff working in this area.  There are currently 17 CAUDIT members without representation in the Community, and we are driving for increased membership leading up to SLAM 2019.

For more information about Communities of Practice, please visit

Committee Vacancy

The CAUDIT Strategic Procurement Committee currently has a vacancy.  If you are interested in participating in the Committee, please contact Steve Johnston.

Microsoft Update

CAUDIT and its members are partnering with Microsoft in the development of three projects during 2019:

  • Initiative I: Data Lake Collaboration (Student-Focused)
  • Initiative II: Engagement and Employability
  • Initiative III: Research Collaboration and Cyber Security

If you are interested in getting more information about these programs, please contact Steve Johnston or Greg Sawyer.