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CAUDIT Releases the 2019 Top Ten Topics

There is considerable consistency in the Top Ten Topics with only one new entrant in 2019 – Delivering Services in at #4 after a 12-month absence. At the same time, there is considerable shuffling in position from 2018 to 2019 among topics ranked from #5 to #10.

A distinguishing outcome is that the top three ranked topics in 2019 were the same as in 2018. They appear in the same order and each is inducing substantive change:

►► #1 Supporting Student Success pivots on strategically leveraging technology to improve student outcomes

►► #2 Information Security emphasises security as an enabler through a risk-based approach

►► #3 Business Transformation positions ICT as a catalyst for transforming education, research and business functions.

Education and research are perennial missions of CAUDIT member institutions. However, they have not always been reflected in the Top Ten. For example, Supporting and Enabling Teaching and Learning first appeared in 2013, and Supporting Research first appeared in 2008. The 2019 Top Ten reflects the centrality of those pursuits in recent years with Supporting Student Success at #1, Education Technology at #8, and Research Support at #10.

Extracting strategic and operational value from ICT assets is an abiding priority for ICT leaders and their teams, as is optimising user experience. These themes are represented in several Top Ten Topics: #4 Delivering Services, #6 Digital Integrations, and #9 Data-enabled Institution.

Ideally, higher education and research institutions position themselves at the leading edge of ICT innovation and business model disruption. The premium on preparedness for further waves of innovation is represented in 2019 with Strategy ranking at #7. Pre-eminent educator and consultant Peter Drucker once observed that ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’. Drucker’s axiom is asserting itself in the Top Ten with Cultural Change standing at #15 in 2017, then #9 in 2018, and advancing to #5 in 2019.

Visit the CAUDIT Top Ten Topics pages to download a copy of the report here.