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CHEITA 2017 US Study Tour

Representatives from CAUDIT, UCISA (United Kingdom) and CUCCIO (Canada) are currently participating in a combined study tour (October and November) of the east coast of the USA.  The tour includes the EDUCAUSE Conference, and will be visiting universities in Philadelphia, New York and Boston.  There are 27 participants in total with coordination of the tour program being managed by Steven Wojnarowski, CAUDIT Director of Analytics, who has ensured that a compressive program has been developed for the group which includes site visits to 9 universities including:

  • Cornell Tech (New York City)
  • New York University (New York City)
  • Harvard University (Boston Massachusetts)
  • Boston University (Boston Massachusetts)
  • Drexel University (Philadelphia Pennsylvania)

The three CHEITA member organisations participating in the 2017 study tour would also like to thank EDUCAUSE’s John O’Brien (President and CEO), Susan Grajek (Vice President Communities and Research), Beth Croll (Director, Conferences and Events) and their staff for their great assistance, advice and enthusiasm.

A detailed report from the tour will be provided following the completion of the tour.