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Cybersecurity is a 2018 hot topic

Cybersecurity is a 2018 Hot Topic

On the back of cybersecurity coming in at no. 3 in CAUDIT’s 2017 Top Ten Topics lists (and higher on 2018’s list) CAUDIT is embarking on the following key activities aimed at supporting members addressing their cybersecurity needs:

(1) Benchmarking

At its meeting in February, the Benchmarking Advisory Committee (BMAC) endorsed an expansion of the data collected relating to cybersecurity in our annual benchmarking survey. Items endorsed for inclusion in the survey are the result of Member suggestions. Steven Wojnarowski is working through this now in conjunction with the CoP Chair.

As part of benchmarking, a sector-wide maturity survey developed together with Tim Lane, Chair of CAUDIT’s Cybersecurity Community of Practice is nearly ready to send out. This will provide an initial sector cybersecurity ‘posture’ this year and when repeated in future years, is expected to illustrate increasing maturity and resilience within the sector.  The Australian National Audit Office’s independent Cybersecurity Follow-up Audit covering the Australian Taxation Office; Department of Human Services; Department of Immigration and Border Protection in 2017 provides an informative benchmark for this activity -

(2) Cybersecurity Awareness and Training

CAUDIT is setting up a working group to review and develop cybersecurity awareness and training modules for staff. We will be looking at successful user-friendly modules developed for UK universities and other well regarded material. A webinar will be held on Thursday 05 April at 1.00pm to discuss this project and form the working group.  If you haven’t already expressed your university’s interest in this via the Community of Practice, please contact for the meeting details.

(3) Cybersecurity Top Ten Issues

On the back of CAUDIT’s annual Top Ten Topics survey of CIOs, we also plan to conduct a survey to identify the Top Ten Cybersecurity Issues for CAUDIT members.

These activities are being run as agile projects, each with a project scope briefing document. CAUDIT is seeking leads from the Cybersecurity CoP to progress each of these initiatives in coordination with CAUDIT and the Cybersecurity CoP Chair. If you would like further information on these initiatives or are interested in nominating to lead or assisting to lead these, please email .

Additionally, Expressions of Interest (EoI) are sought from interested members to nominate as Deputy Cybersecurity CoP Chair.  Please email to obtain more information on this role, which will help coordinate the above activities as well as develop additional state based CoPs for a federated model to assist CAUDIT.