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Significant Contribution to CAUDIT Leadership Institute Comes to an End

Sadly, 2019 was the completion of rotation for two very significant members of the CAUDIT Leadership Institute Faculty.  Mark Gregory, Vice-President, Corporate Services at Flinders University, completed his final year having joined the faculty in 2015 and Michal Kirby-Lewis (Kirby), ex President of CAUDIT completed his 7th year having joined the faculty in 2013 and then taking on the role of Director for a three year term from 2017 - 2019.  Both Mark and Kirby have been significant contributors to the program, in particular the development of the new session, Politics, Culture and Strategy which was introduced to the program in 2018. 

Both Kirby and Mark have been strong supporters of the CAUDIT Leadership Institute and have invested much of their time and effort into mentoring participants through the program over the years.  It is time to give them a well earned break, however their departure will be felt strongly by their faculty peers.  CAUDIT thanks Mark and Kirby for their continued dedication to the development of our future higher education leaders - the selfless commitment of all CLI Faculty (for the past 20 years) is what makes this program stand out from all others and the powerful platform that it is today.

Mark Gregory, Vice-President, Corporate Services, Flinders University and Michael Kirby-Lewis, ex President, CAUDIT and CIO GPS Synergy

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