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Product Showcase Partner

$5,000 +GST

About the Product Showcase Partner

The Product Showcase Partner has been developed for those with a desire to showcase and/or introduce their new and existing business, products, services or case studies from work already undertaken within the sector via an online webinar facilitated and promoted by CAUDIT.

There are no restrictions on the topic of the webinar and there are no limitations on the number of times that this opportunity can be used by a company, however, as there are a maximum number of spots available throughout the year to hold showcase webinars some limitations may arise depending on overall demand. CAUDIT is committed to ensuring that the experience is successful for those running the Showcase and those participating in the Showcase and will work with Showcase Partners providing useful, practical guidelines to maximise the webinar session/s.

The Product Showcase is an independent offering and is not related to activities under CAUDIT’s Cybersecurity, Procurement or other portfolios. You do not need to have a sector deal in place to access the Product Showcase offering. Furthermore, if you do have a sector deal in place, you are also able to access the Product Showcase to highlight new aspects about your product/service. See end of article for more details about the two activities.

Product Showcases


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