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Spring Members Meeting

CAUDIT welcomes Member Representatives and their colleagues to the 2020 Spring Members Meeting



The 2020 Spring Members Meeting will be conducted as an online event with the CAUDIT Awards incorporated held across 4 days on a unique virtual platform chosen specifically to curate effective networking and dialogue.

The theme for this year's meeting is CONTAIN, SUSTAIN, GROW.

COVID-19 has forced CIOs everywhere to rapidly change our narrative and respond resourcefully to not only the current situation but to future needs as well. More than ever before, we must serve as technical leaders supporting our institutions and the sector to emerge from this crisis stronger than ever.

To do so, we must look to the areas of contain, sustain, and grow to guide our strategy.

To contain is to be capable of holding, to prevent spread, to keep under control. In a post-COVID world, we must review our current commitments to assess how we can make better use of our limited resources.  Some services and initiatives, that seemed important while international student revenue permitted us to grow, may now no longer be as crucial.

Are there vendor contracts to be renegotiated? Under-used systems to be decommissioned? What projects can we press pause, scale down, or stop in light of changing priorities?

Some things will never change. We’re all here to serve our institution to deliver their core functions of researching, learning, and teaching. We must now also empower our staff to work flexibly and confidently amidst uncertainty.  And while the temptation might be there for institutions to fight for a bigger slice of a decreasing pie, we know from experience that it is cooperation across much of what we do that has allowed us to be more efficient and to thrive.

Where do we focus our attention to make sure we can do this? Are there high-value projects to be fast-tracked? What do we need to maintain for compliance? How and on what do we partner to deliver sustainable operations and change.

It may seem very far away, but this too shall pass. Our strategy must include planning to become the digital leaders our institutions need us to be to guide them into the future.

What opportunities can we take advantage of now to reward us later? Are there new technologies such as automation, data analytics for better insights to explore? How else can we support face to face, blended learning, and online? How can we improve the feedback loop with our end-users? What internal processes, values, or improvements can we focus on to grow our foundations?  Could AI permit us to scale more effectively and efficiently when required?

Bringing it all together
What are you doing or thinking of doing?  Which of contain, sustain and grow are you focussed on now, or are you trying to tackle all three at once. This is about you and what you bring to the discussion as much as it is about the speakers.  Engage and you will contribute to both the sector and your own institutions.

Each day will feature a different Keynote speaker, the first three days will have Table and Panel discussions based on the topic of the day, and finally an Award presentation where category nominees will be recognised and the winner announced!

To view each day's session times (provided in NZ, AEST, & AWST) and award category allocations please see the latest draft Agenda. 

To view this years Keynote speakers please click on the Speakers page. Further details on session synopses will become available soon.

Tuesday 29 September - Friday 02 October 2020
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Please note that some minor changes to completion times for each day are possible.

Presentations from previous Member Meetings are available here.

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