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Technical enablement of the Federation to participate in eduGAIN

The AAF commenced this activity in late 2014 and this project has seeded the initial technical activities required to connect the AAF to the global federation of federations called eduGAIN. Post the completion of the project the AAF will continue to undertake policy and process activities as part of operationalising the service.

In late 2014 the AAF commenced work to do the technical enablement of the Federation Registry tool to connect the AAF to the global federation initiative called eduGAIN. The Department of Education funded work has seen the AAF do the first part of this work, namely enabling what is required technically for the internationalisation of the federation.

Post completion of this activity the AAF held a number of discussions with the New Zealand Federation about how to progress connecting both Federations to eduGAIN. There continues to be significant and ongoing policy and process work to fully enable the AAF with this capability. Work will continue beyond the grant funded activity in line with AAF’s 2015 technology roadmap to fully enable this capability.