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This page is dedicated to news and information relating to the University Software Licensing Collaboration (USLC) Community of Practice

30 Aug 2019

The 7th annual USLC Software Licensing and Asset Management conference was held last week in Brisbane, and by all accounts, was a huge success. This year’s conference had record attendance numbers, with over 95 attending in total...

31 Jul 2019

The University Software Licensing Community’s 7th annual conference is less than 4 weeks away. The conference brings together key staff from software licensing, procurement, contract and asset management areas from Universities and research organisations from across Australia and New Zealand, vendors and re-sellers.

04 Jul 2018

The Software Licensing and Asset Management conference is now only 10 weeks away...

04 Jul 2018

This year the USLC has a working group aiming to assist universities in their endeavours to implement a SLAM solution...

28 Feb 2018

The USLC ran an election in December 2018 for positions on the Executive...

23 Apr 2017

30th August - 1st September 2017, hosted by Griffith University

20 Dec 2016

Elections for the USLC Executive for 2017 were conducted in November. There were two vacancies (Deputy Chair and Membership & Communications Officer)...

30 Nov 2016

With CAUDIT support, the USLC coordinated this hands-on conference and 38 key decision makers from software procurement and sourcing areas representing 24 Universities from across Australia and New Zealand attended. The main focus was to investigate asset and contract management systems with presentations from key vendors and professional staff currently implementing solutions...