Connect. Enable. Challenge.
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Our mission is to enable the application of digital capabilities to transform education and research.

CAUDIT supports Member Representatives and their teams through the provision of a broad range of services that foster collaboration, leadership and good practice.

Three key strategies provide the focus for CAUDIT’s activities: connecting, enabling, and challenging our members.

CAUDIT History

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Core Activities

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Thought Leadership

We take a leadership role in developing the intellectual capital of the organisation and its members through a range of activities that encourage strategic thinking.
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Strategic Procurement

CAUDIT negotiates with ICT vendors on a sector-wide basis to derive maximum mutual value. We ensure that members have a good understanding of future technology roadmaps.
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Professional Development

We help create the next generation of IT leaders through the CAUDIT Leadership Institute, CAUDIT Managers Program and other development opportunities.
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Engaging our Membership

CAUDIT creates an environment whereby members and their staff can access information to support them in their role as IT Directors/CIOs.
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CAUDIT leads, coordinates and provides cybersecurity services to members under the banner of the Australasian Higher Education Cybersecurity Services (AHECS).
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CAUDIT takes a questioning approach to IT practice within higher education by facilitating the collection of benchmarking data and member surveys.


The annual CAUDIT Awards highlight excellence and innovation across the higher education and eResearch sector.

The CAUDIT Awards recognise, celebrate and promote the outstanding achievements and innovation of staff at CAUDIT member organisations. These staff have applied digital capabilities to positively transform the experience of students, academics and professional staff across the sector.

Executive Committee

CAUDIT Membership

Membership with CAUDIT is available to organisations and institutions which undertake or support education, research or research and development, including:

• Universities;

• Publicly funded research institutions; and

• other entities with demonstratable linkages recommended by the Executive Committee and agreed by a resolution of the Full Members.


Our Staff

CAUDIT is made up of a team of dedicated professionals, committed to connecting, enabling and challenging Members to lead the application of digital capabilities to transform research and education.

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Meet our Team

CAUDIT acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the lands where we live, learn and work. We pay our respects to Elders past and present and celebrate the stories, culture and traditions of all First Nations people.