Collaboratively strengthening sector cybersecurity

CAUDIT leads the Australasian Higher Education Cybersecurity Service (AHECS), a higher education sector collective that leverages the capabilities and expertise of its partner entities to strengthen the overall cybersecurity posture of the sector. AHECS also acts as a central body, representing the sector on cybersecurity issues.

AHECS’s purpose is aligned to the principles of being stronger together and ‘all boats lift on a rising tide’. Each partner brings unique strengths and services to AHECS, to form a collective developed specifically for the sector by the sector which addresses capability gaps and helps defend the sector from continuously evolving cybersecurity threats.

In addition to CAUDIT, AHECS partners include AAF (Australian Access Federation authentication and identity verification), AARNet (Australia’s national research and education network and provider of a portfolio of cyber security services), AusCERT (Australia’s Cybersecurity Emergency Response Team), and REANNZ (New Zealand’s national research and education network and Cybersecurity Emergency Response Team).

Join the cybersecurity community

Our active, and engaged Cybersecurity Community is comprised of over 200 sector specific cybersecurity professionals who collaborate on strategic and functional priorities, including trends, risks, threats, impacts, controls, and good practices.


The Australasian Higher Education Cybersecurity Service (AHECS) collective operates as an efficient vehicle for sharing cyber security expertise and threat intelligence across the sector, promoting and simplifying access to sector-specific cyber security services and representing the sector on cybersecurity issues.

AHECS webinars

AHECS engage with a range of partners to provide sector-specific cybersecurity webinars.

CAUDIT cybersecurity services

Through activities such as benchmarking, engagement, and intelligence, the CAUDIT cybersecurity program includes identification and delivery of beneficial services for the sector, to raise the sectors cybersecurity profile.

Cybersecurity resources

CAUDIT provides a range of cybersecurity resources to our members and communities, such as sector benchmarking, strategic procurement offerings, and sector specific threat intelligence.

CAUDIT members have access to discounted rates for Cybermindz wellbeing courses which are delivered using the Integrative Restoration (iRest) protocol.
iRest is an effective, safe, trauma-aware, evidence-based program which effectively builds mental and emotional resilience, and alleviates anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, depression, post-traumatic- stress (PTSD), and chemical dependency.

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Member MOU - cyber resource sharing & support

AHECS was founded on the principle of being stronger together and the Co-operative Sector Cybersecurity Collaboration Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) seeks to formalise the comradery already present across the AHECS network.

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