Leveraging Collective Buying Power

Why Strategic Procurement

CAUDIT's focus on strategic procurement enables significant savings to members across the higher education and research sector.

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CAUDIT negotiates with ICT vendors on a sector-wide basis to derive maximum mutual value.

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Benefits of Strategic Procurement

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Cost Reduction

A reduction in the cost to do business; these cost savings should be evident for both the vendor and the CAUDIT Member.
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Demand Aggregation

An improved ability for CAUDIT to aggregate demand for product and services via term, group or volume purchasing commitments.
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Improved coordination between the CAUDIT membership and support processes within and between CAUDIT Members.
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Simplified Processes

Improved coordination between the CAUDIT membership and support processes within and between CAUDIT Members.
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Information Sharing

Improved communication between vendors and the CAUDIT Membership including technology roadmaps, support and process information and general communications.
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Strategic Collaborative Procurement

Used to establish a group of vendors providing hardware, software and services in a particular area, referred to as a panel agreement.

Accessible IT Procurement Guide

The product of a collaborative project lead by the National Disability Coordination Officer Program, Australian Disability Clearinghouse on Education and Training and Intopia and guided by an expert advisory committee from the sector.

IT Procurement Community

The IT Procurement Community of Practice (CoP) draws on the skills, knowledge and influence of Software Licensing and ICT Procurement representatives from Universities throughout Australasia.

The IT Procurement CoP assists CAUDIT achieve:

  • superior licensing agreements
  • pricing
  • terms and conditions

for all CAUDIT member institutions.


Two distinct committees provide governance for our Strategic Procurement Office (SPO):

To learn more, read the guidelines below.

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Vendor Information

CAUDIT provides vendors a unique opportunity to establish broad opportunities, agreements and offers to the higher education and research sector in the region.

We have a strong tradition of working closely with vendors to the benefit of CAUDIT members, the sector overall and vendors alike.

New vendors can discover key information about CAUDIT and the best way to interact with the organisation by accessing our ‘Vendor Information Pack’ below.


Annual Metrics

Find statistical information that Australian Universities report to Government agencies to assist you with software licensing metrics.

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