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About our Strategic Partnerships

Partnerships are an important focus for CAUDIT, and the sector, as a commitment to mutual benefits and the transformation of higher education and research. Each partnership is unique in its value to the entities involved.

In some circumstances, CAUDIT will engage in Strategic Partners governed by an MoU usually with other sector organisations that identify a specific set of deliverables including, but not limited to, taking the shape of partnering for conferences or projects, sharing of IP, and providing specific advantages or services for those employed within IT or promoting the exchange of information regarding digital services.

The development of an MoU may take several months through personalised discussions with the CAUDIT CEO ensuring alignment of the deliverables against strategic criteria and focus and will be executed by the CAUDIT Executive on behalf of the CAUDIT Membership.

Acceptance into the Strategic Partnership is very limited and application submission does not guarantee acceptance into the program. Because application to the Strategic Partner offering is subject to strong scrutiny, your application may not progress beyond application not because the mutual objectives are not worthwhile, but because the timing isn’t right. This in no way reflects on the value of your company and products.

Contact the Partner Program team to register your interest or click on the button below to fill out an application form.


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Current Strategic Partners

CAUDIT has formally recognised relationships with the organisations listed below however this by no means defines the sole focus of CAUDIT's external engagement. 
CAUDIT engages in many collaborations and remains a central body of contact for technology-related matters within the sector.


CAUDIT and Cybermindz are focused on promoting and protecting the mental health and wellbeing of information security professionals in the sector.

CAUDIT members will have access to discounted rates for Cybermindz’s wellbeing courses which are delivered to the cyber industry, and...

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CAUDIT and AARNet share a largely overlapping set of stakeholders. This leads the two organisations to have issues of mutual priority and hence an established Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), since October 2017, to encourage identification of opportunities to take joint action for the be...

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Both ACS and CAUDIT are aligned with the goal of increasing Australasia’s digital skills, capacity, and diversity.

Under the current partnership, CAUDIT members will have access to ACS Member benefits including professional support, networking opportunities, competency assessments, ongo...

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CAUDIT has long been an active participant and contributor to AeRO, acting in the early days as a pathway for the eResearch community to engage with IT, to today, through continued collaboration.


CAUDIT entered into an Agreement with Gartner in May 2018 in recognition of the desire by both parties to collaborate in a strategic way. Under the Agreement Gartner will provide a number of physical deliverables including access to webinars, subscriptions etc and in return CAUDIT will sh...

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CAUDIT have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Info-Tech to identify and action opportunities to benefit the CAUDIT members.<...

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The University Procurement Hub (UPH) is the collective sourcing arm of the Australian Universities Procurement Network (AUPN). CAUDIT and UPH are work...

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ACODE’s mission is to enhance policy and practice in Australasian higher education around technology enhanced learning and teaching at institutional, national and international levels through a number of channels and means. Both CAUDIT and ACODE have similarly aligned organisations and the ...

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CAUDIT has long maintained a formal and informal relationship with CAUL and has provided and facilitated support, knowledge and engagement opportunities wherever possible.

In recognising the close relationship between IT and Library, CAUDIT has invited library representation onto the f...

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CAUDIT and EDUCAUSE have a strong relationship developed over many years. EDUCAUSE and CAUDIT have mutually collaborated on THETA, Leadership Institutes and the CAUDIT Higher Education Reference Model.

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CAUDIT currently engages with HEITSA under the guidance of a Joint Action Agenda. The Joint Action Agenda was formed to identify potential projects or initiatives for joint collaboration that will increase the body of knowledge between IT Services in the higher education sectors in South A...

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CAUDIT and UCISA have a strong and ongoing partnership supporting each other, and members, through mutual collaboration. The partnership includes th...

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CAUDIT acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the lands where we live, learn and work. We pay our respects to Elders past and present and celebrate the stories, culture and traditions of all First Nations people.