2023 CAUDIT Awards Recipients

Emerging Leader

The CAUDIT Award for Emerging Leader celebrates outstanding leadership achievements. The award seeks to recognise an emerging leader in IT within the higher education and research sector who has demonstrated leadership and vision to their colleagues. They may have ‘gone out on a limb’ or supported a collective effort to lead their team to achieve more than they have previously, or led a new initiative through to success, or introduced some significant positive change.

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Emerging Leader Recipients

Jamie Hart - Research Experience Product Manager, University of Canterbury

Prior to Jamie joining University, Digital Services had very little partnership with most elements of the research and library community at UC. In 18 months, Jamie has transformed how we work with our research and library counterparts, bringing us together through new co-design groups and forums, developing out a shared vision and roadmap for the digital research and library experiences, and improving our service delivery culture and approach. On top of cementing trusted relationships, she has led a small team to deliver challenging projects and iniatives that improve the the technology platforms and digital experiences in this space.

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Jodi Rusden - Manager Shared Services Operations, University of Tasmania

Jodi’s leadership is outstanding and well acknowledged by her team. Her curiosity and innovation to continually improve and share this, along with development of her team is extraordinary, and she's gone on to build us a whole new continuous improvements form, OneNote structure for detail and a PowerBI dashboard to provision visibility of performance. In the absence of a dedicated reporting or analyst role, Jodi, through her work on citizen development, went on to establish a new set of ServiceNow Business Intelligence performance dashboards.

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Excellence in Research Support

The CAUDIT Award for Excellence in Research Support recognises excellence in the application or innovative use of digital technology in support of research activities within the membership. What has been done that has had a positive impact on how research is undertaken? Any aspect of research support can be considered here - whether it be governance, research infrastructure or individual research projects.

Excellence in Research Support Recipient

Cloud Right - CSIRO

CSIRO’s Cloud Right project introduced centrally-brokered, managed access to public cloud platforms Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. CSIRO is one of the first research organisations in Australia to establish secure, managed access across three public hyperscale clouds, keeping digital assets safe and secure within
guardrails, offering researchers the benefits and services only available through public cloud. Cloud Right used innovative technologies to minimise cyber and other risks to CSIRO’s data, and ultimately CSIRO researchers benefit from secure data, cost savings and efficiencies. These efficiencies removed set up effort for researchers, enabled collaboration with external partners, allowing faster time to science and faster time to impact. The project established a unique shared responsibility model to ensure CSIRO research is secure and accessible. Researchers benefit from efficient, managed and protected public cloud services and can now explore new technologies, which benefits all Australians.



Enhancing the Student Experience

The CAUDIT Award for Enhancing the Student Experience recognises creative initiatives and innovative developments which have resulted in increased academic success rates across a broad cross-section of the higher education student demographic. The award seeks to celebrate individuals or IT teams whose project outcomes have addressed some of the challenges faced by students and helped improve student success.

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Enhancing the Student Experience Recipient

Boola Katitjin - Murdoch University

With a focus on technology centric collaborative spaces designed to inspire and support the learning journey, Boola Katitjin sets a new standard for tertiary education. Connection with country The Noongar name Boola Katitjin translates to lots of learning and was chosen by Dr Richard Walley and endorsed by the MU Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Group. This name reflects both the different levels and functions of the building and the knowledge that will be passed on in this space. This Connection to Country is at the core of the building and reflected throughout, from the yarning circles in the welcome spaces, to the artwork seen throughout. Boola Katitijin aims to create a safe and welcoming space for everyone. Sustainability at the heart of Boola Katitjin As the largest mass engineered timber building in Western Australia, Boola Katitijin is designed to achieve the Green Building Council’s 6 Star Green Star Design and As-Built v1.3 rating. Some of the key sustainability features include a 450kw solar panel array, estimated to produce over 65% of the building’s operational energy requirements at peak conditions, and active design features such as raised access floor systems with HVAC from below, large breezeways and renewable timber for 70 percent of the building’s structure. The large stormwater harvesting tanks will collect water for reuse and excess stormwater will recharge groundwater through a large infiltration tank. The commitment to sustainability is also seen outside the building, with the landscaping allowing for more than 26,000 native plants to be installed around the building. Learning and teaching technology Boola Katitjin has been designed with students at its heart and will enhance the learning experience, providing students with a fresh space to learn, collaborate and socialise. The new learning spaces have been designed to put students at the centre of a social learning environment, enable innovative teaching methods with technology-enhanced features that encourage active and collaborative learning. As learners and teachers embrace the pedagogical and technological affordances that Boola Katitjin provides, we will together create memorable and impactful learning experiences. 60% of all teaching at Murdoch is now conducted in this building.


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Operational Excellence

The CAUDIT Award for Operational Excellence celebrates achievements in transforming and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of either part or the whole of the organisation. Size isn’t what is important here, it’s outcomes and impact.

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Operational Excellence Recipient

Recruitment and Retention Nudge Campaigns - Murdoch University

The Recruitment and Retention Nudge Campaign initiative was launched with the aim of delivering significant applicant and student experience enhancements, while simultaneously reducing manual staff overheads, through the automation of ‘nudge’ email communications / touch points. 

Recruitment nudges target applicants to nudge them through the recruitment pipeline, for example by automatically encouraging them to respond to an offer, provide required documentation to allow for application assessment, or enrol in units.

Retention nudges target current students to nudge them back on track where, for example, they have failed to log into the Learning Management System for 7 consecutive days, or their course completion rate is falling below a set threshold as part of progression monitoring. 

Nudge campaigns are delivered by multiple fusion teams, leveraging enterprise platforms including the Student Management System, the Learning Management System, Advanced Analytics, Integration, and the enterprise CRM.

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