The Fundamentals of Ransomware Readiness - 29 March 2022

If you suffered a ransomware attack today, how confident are you that you could recover quickly? It’s widely accepted that dealing with a ransomware attack is inevitable. In 2021, attacks rose exponentially - taking place every 30 seconds. In a recent survey of CISOs across Australia and New Zealand, 40% admitted concern that they would not be able to recover from a ransomware attack without significant disruption to their organisation. This session shares insights from ransomware resiliency, best practices around data protection, response, and recovery, and developing strong response plans. #### Presented by [**Veritas**](

The Challenge and Opportunity for Higher Education - 11 March 2022

Helen Patton, Advisory CISO, Cisco, provides insights into the current global security landscape as well as her experience in the sector as the CISO at Ohio State University. Helen is an Australian but has worked professionally in the US for 20 years. To read more about Helen’s career and work you can follow her [**personal site**](, [**LinkedIn**](, and [**Twitter**]( ##### Presented by [**Cisco**](

A day in the life of… - 08 March 2022

Today’s tech savvy students look for a seamless experience, with information at their fingertips. Emerging student demands has driven universities to accelerate their digital transformation projects with one question top of mind. How to find the balance between enhancing security, while fostering an open collaborative culture? ##### Presented by [**SailPoint**](

From zero to full domain admin: The real-world story of a ransomware attack - 25 February 2022

Following in the footsteps of a cybercriminal and uncovering their digital footprint. This is a journey inside the mind of an ethical hacker’s response to a ransomware incident that brought a business to a full stop, and discovering the evidence left behind to uncover their attack path and the techniques used. Malicious attackers look for the cheapest, fastest, stealthiest way to achieve their goals. Windows endpoints provide many opportunities to gain entry to IT environments and access sensitive information. This session shows you the attacker’s techniques used and how they went from zero to full domain admin compromise that resulted in a nasty ransomware incident. ##### Presented by [**Delinea**](

Same but different: Cyber security in education - 22 February 2022

Higher education in 2022 faces challenges on many fronts: the shift to remote learning, access for international students and downward budgetary pressures – all of which add to the perennial problem of cyber security. From securing students and staff to protecting systems and valuable IP, defending our universities has become critical not only for their integrity but the integrity of Australia. In this webinar, Aaradhana and Gar discuss findings from Osterman Research and talk through the practical experiences of working with Australia’s universities. ##### Presented by [**mimecast.**](

Zero trust: The future of secure access for higher education - 11 February 2022

Implementing a zero trust strategy is a top priority for organisations looking to modernise their security program and become more resilient in today’s challenging threat environment. Embracing zero trust requires a shift in both mindset and how you implement and manage technical capabilities and controls. In this webinar, Sandeep Patil and Dennis Liew share how Google has achieved Zero Trust in its environment by providing secure access to critical apps and services. Key benefits include safeguarding of information with integrated threat and data protection, simplifying the experience for admins and end-users with an agentless approach, increasing visibility into unsafe user activity, and improving security posture with a modern Zero Trust platform. ##### Presented by [**Google Cloud Asia Pacific.**](

Threat landscape update - 04 February 2022

This webinar will show you how ransomware is wreaking havoc around the globe via organic criminal partnerships. ##### Presented by [**Crowdstrike**](

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