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Virtual computer lab for technical education

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Virtual computer lab for technical education

presented by eduLAB


eduLAB offers a virtual computer lab platform for technical education, including cybersecurity, networking, programming, and engineering courses. eduLAB is unique in the market as it provides a lab contextualisation service to meet the technical requirements of the lab environment. Additionally, eduLAB's portal comes with compliance functionalities that monitor the progress of practical learning, explicitly designed for educational purposes. eduLAB is a scalable solution that comes with a fixed price, allowing education providers to have cost predictability while enhancing access for a large number of students.

During the showcasing session, eduLAB will demonstrate:

  1. Complex lab environments (where multiple virtual machines are interconnected) suitable for cybersecurity and networking courses.
  2. Graphic intensive lab environment, suitable for courses requiring 3D modelling applications
  3. Workstation, where a number of applications can be in one place.
  4. eduLAB portal from the student’s and lecturer’s journey - such as taking evidence, evidence gallery, reports, single-sign-on, student remote help and more.



When: Thursday 28 September 1pm - 2pm AEST
Where: Zoom webinar

View the recording and presentation slides here

Presented by eduLAB

Michelle Lee, Business Development Manager
Matt Jereb, Chief Technical Officer

Hosted By:
Larissa Denham, Manager Partner Program, CAUDIT

eduLAB contact details:

Name: Michelle Lee, Business Development Manager
Phone: +61 424 730 048

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eduLAB's value to the sector

Offers scalable virtual labsCapable of accommodating a substantial student population while upholding the high-quality standards of university education.
Extensive Subject CoverageeduLAB provides a wide array of advanced labs, encompassing cybersecurity, and networking. Also, workstations for engineering, programming, and business courses.
Lab contextualisation servicesEnsuring virtual lab environments align with the distinct technical requisites of various faculties.
Fixed pricing and cost predictabilityEmpowers universities to strategically allocate their budgets by providing precise insights into expenditure on a cost-effective cloud-based platform, in contrast to the variability of public cloud services.
User-friendly interfaceFeaturing single sign-on access, labs can be easily reached via web browsers, and capture evidence of their practical learning.
Robust compliance functionalitiesAllowing lecturers to monitor the progress of practical learning and generate reports.


eduLAB in Higher Education

Australian Technical & Management College
  • Federation University’s 
    • Bachelor of Information Technology (Business Information System)
    • Bachelor of Information Technology (Networking and Security)
    • Bachelor of Information Technology (Software Development) 
    • Graduate Diploma of Technology in Enterprise Systems and Business Analytics)
    • Graduate Diploma of Software Engineering
    • Master of Technology (Enterprise Systems and Business Analytics, Research, Software Engineering)
    • Mater of Technology (Software Engineering)
    • Master of Engineering Project Management
  • Western Sydney University’s 
    • Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology 
    • Mater of Artificial Intelligence
Melbourne Polytechnic 
  • Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Engineering and Technology
Australian Institute of Technology and Commerce
  • Master of Information Technology


Sydney International School of Technology and Commerce 
  • Bachelor of Information Technology 
  • Master of Information Technology


Wentworth Institute of Higher Education
  • Bachelor Information Technology 
  • Bachelor of Business


Testimonials from Australian Technical & Management College (ATMC) 


ATMC partners with universities such as Federation University and Western Sydney University to provide university programs. The transition to eduLAB's virtual lab solution a year ago was driven by the need to manage IT assets efficiently. This move overcame challenges related to maintaining traditional labs and allowed for greater flexibility in classroom use. The transition also provided us with predictability for our budgeting and planning. eduLAB's role in offering flexibility, scalability, and the ability to provide a variety of IT courses enabled us to scale up rapidly. I believe that's one of the strengths of using eduLAB.

Sanjay Bhaskaran – Chief Operating Officer


Transitioning from physical devices to eduLAB has brought significant advantages. The previous approach resulted in time and financial burdens due to maintenance and upgrades. The switch to eduLAB, operating in the cloud, eliminated the need for individual computer maintenance and allowed a bring-your-own-device policy. This cloud-based platform granted students easy access to software and lab environments from anywhere. The transition also improved support efficiency, resolving the complexities of students' varied devices, and students now enjoy using labs on their familiar devices. Also, eduLAB's 24/7 availability benefits international students, offering flexible lab hours and locations that cater to individual schedules and needs.

Rajvir Uppal – IT Lead


When using eduLAB, you have everything there. Students just need to log in, and every student will have the same kind of interface and memory. They find it easy to do their work here or at home. As a lecturer, I no longer need to waste time configuring computers or software on students' laptops. This simplifies the process of demonstrating lab activities to my students. I also like how I can review students' progress and monitor their activities on the platform. This includes functions where I can gain control over their portal, demonstrate concepts, and help when they face difficulties.

Gordhan Das Menghwar - Lecturer of Western Sydney University programs
(Courses code: COMP2004 and COMP7013)


The key benefits of eduLAB are 24/7 availability, ensuring access for students, and its capacity for graphic intensive software even from Chromebooks, eliminating hardware compatibility concerns. This platform alleviates financial burdens for students, allows them to use required applications without time constraints.

Dr. Kashif Khan - IT Lecturer at Federation University programs
(Courses code: ITECH1100, ITECH7400 and ITECH2004)

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28 Sep 2023

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28 Sep 2023


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