Mitratech GRC - An Update

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[Mitratech GRC - An Update](/resources/mitratech-grc-update-webinar-feb-2023/)

presented by Mitratech

Mitratech present industry trends and what's new in technology for Governance, Risk and Compliance. With organisations across all industries and regions, including universities, facing an ever-changing business landscape Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) requirements are becoming increasingly complex. Those continuing to thrive in this environment are leaning on next-generation technology to reduce risk and reputational damage, achieve established goals, increase efficienchy and boost resilience.

Please join Mitratech as they show you what's new with Mitratech Alyne GRC tool, talk about industry trends from home and overseas and equip you with practical steps to enhance your compliance posture.

Presented by Mitratech

Tyler Gowen, Head of Alyne, USA

Meri Kukkonen, General Manager, APAC

Michael Paul, Account Director ANZ

Hosted By:
Steve Johnston, Director Strategic Procurement, CAUDIT

Andrew Nolan, Strategic Procurement Officer, CAUDIT

Mitratech contact details:

Name: Michael Paul, Account Director ANZ


Phone: +61 4 3087 4500

Procurement offer to CAUDIT members:

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Start Date

21 Feb 2023

End Date

22 Feb 2023


23:00 - 00:00

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