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How safe and anonymous reporting helps meet your duty of care to students and staff

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How safe and anonymous reporting helps meet your duty of care to students and staff

presented by RepSafe


Higher education institutions have a duty of care to manage incidents such as bullying, discrimination, harassment or assault. Most of these incidents are not reported, mainly because people didn't have an easy-to-use and secure way to do so. 

RepSafe is a highly secure, fully encrypted, incident reporting platform that helps you to proactively mitigate your organisational risk and liability. Through easily configurable questions, RepSafe supports the collection and management of incident reports in a way that protects your staff and students. A key differentiator is that RepSafe also provides customisable supporting information - such as phone numbers or links to other services - to better meet your duty of care. Importantly, reports can be anonymous or named depending on the needs of the individual making the report. RepSafe also builds a picture of events and behaviours in your institution through built-in but customisable reporting dashboards, designed for board-level use.

The showcase will provide a demo of the solution, review technical details on how we ensure the security and safety of the reports and finish with case studies to show how other educational institutions have obtained value from RepSafe.

Some key technical details that will be covered:

  • Deployment: RepSafe is SaaS only, has no individual tracking analytics and is securely hosted in an Australian private cloud within Equinix SY1 data centre.
  • Security & Encryption: Information is encrypted both in transit and at rest with decryption keys held by responsible HR in your organisation only. This means that the details of the report can only be read by the reporter and your organisational representatives. No RepSafe employee or employee of the data centre can read the content of the reports, ever.
  • Reporting: Reports and investigation outcomes can be accessed by the individual who made the report, they can be enhanced and the status of the report can be changed at a later date – even changing from a decision to remain anonymous to name themselves or provide additional information. Each report has a digital signature for full validation of the report submission if required to be verified for proof of submission by third parties.


When: Thursday 04 May 1pm - 2pm AEST
Where: Zoom webinar

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Presented by RepSafe

Danielle Kennedy, CEO, RepSafe
Tym Lawrence, Head of Customer Excellence, RepSafe

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