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Stopping Cybercrime with Dark Web Insights

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Stopping Cybercrime with Dark Web Insights

presented by SpyCloud


SpyCloud transforms recaptured darknet data to protect businesses from cyberattacks. Its products operationalise Cybercrime Analytics (C2A) to produce actionable insights that allow enterprises to proactively prevent ransomware and account takeover, safeguard user identities, and investigate cybercrime incidents.

When it comes to protecting your institution from cyberattacks, ignorance is not bliss. Your faculty, staff, and students all have exposed authentication data circulating on the dark web – and you need early insight into those points of compromise before they can be used against you by cybercriminals.

SpyCloud continuously ingests and intelligently analyses data leaked in breaches and exfiltrated from malware-infected devices, delivering the exposed passwords, cookies, and identity data for your users and their accounts can be re-secured. Join us to learn how to harness these insights to mitigate your risk of account takeover, ransomware, and other cyberattacks that can ultimately harm your institution.

During the showcase, SpyCloud will share:

  • How its proprietary Cybercrime Analytics Engine turns raw, unstructured dark web data into action for your security team
  • Today’s leading entry points for cyberattacks
  • Strategies for safeguarding workforce authentication data to reduce the risk of a future ransomware event or other targeted attack


When: Tuesday 13 February 1pm - 2pm AEDT
Where: Zoom webinar

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Presented by SpyCloud

Chip Witt, VP Product Management


Hosted by:

Nikki Peever, Director Cybersecurity, CAUDIT

SpyCloud contact details:

Name: Andrew Caltagirone
Email: andrew.caltagirone@spycloud.com

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What is your value to the sector?

Universities around the world are increasingly taking cyber security seriously and are aware of the constant threats to its students, faculty and staff. Despite this, higher education institutions typically have few dedicated security professionals on staff to implement and manage technologies and processes.

For security professionals at higher education institutions, there is often an identity access management dilemma. On the one hand, they want to restrict account access to only authorized individuals, yet they also want to remain “open” for students and staff to get any information they may need. This transparent framework fosters self-reliance and efficiency, but it makes it challenging to limit and control security.

Account takeover is a pervasive problem throughout the college systems that is growing exponentially. Many teams believe they are addressing threats with a product in their existing arsenal, but it is all to common for these tools to fail to live up to their sales pitch, leaving university security staff to perform additional work manually to get the most from the solution. The efforts take critical time away from performing other necessary tasks in security cycles.

SpyCloud provides not only best-of-breed information for preventing account take-over and other cybercrime, they provide numerous integrations to put this information to work with the workflows teams are already leveraging, making it part of a solution rather than just creating new problems.

Who are the institutions/organisations that you are currently working with and what are the success stories?

While most of our clients prefer discretion, two of our large university clients are allowing us to name them publicly. Oklahoma University here in the U.S., and The University of Southern Queensland. Both utilize our employee account protection products to prevent ATO of their faculty, thus preventing the intrusion into sensitive environments, deployment of malware, and other malicious activities.

Using the SpyCloud API, a student employee of Oklahoma University was able to take a list of more than 7,000 exposed emails from SpyCloud, run it through their own script, and discover over 1,000 Active Directory accounts with matching passwords.

“Before SpyCloud, if we were alerted to 7,000 exposed passwords to manually check, we would most likely have had to ignore them due to a lack of resources,” says Baillio. “With SpyCloud, we can get that information in less than 30 minutes. We passed that information along to our help desk and in a matter of hours, 1,000 accounts were secured. Using SpyCloud and the ingenuity of our student employees, we are legitimately preventing bad guys from compromising accounts.” 

Full case study available here.

University of Southern Queensland also shared the following success story:

"In less than a year using Active Directory Guardian, we were able to transform the password security posture of the university. ADG allowed us to easily identify and target over 70,000 accounts with email+password combinations already found in hacker databases or with known poor passwords.

With continuous updates into our Spycloud console and Splunk integration, we can rest assured that compromised credentials and cookies are being detected promptly, keeping pace with any potential threats."

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