Waterstons Procurement Presentation March 2024

CAUDIT Procurement Webinar

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CAUDIT Procurement webinar

Do More with Less: Growing your Cyber Team through Trusted Partnerships

Presented by Waterstons

In an era where our cyber challenges are rapidly evolving, Universities face the imperative to enhance their cyber teams in an efficient manner. Waterstons have partnered with Universities for decades, augmenting, supporting and partnering with their teams and have pioneered the bespoke strategies where Universities have thrived.  

Join the experts at Waterstons and David Conway from The University of Sunderland who will provide varied insights with key subjects listed below: 

Supplementation of Team: Explore how internal talent can be identified, trained, and empowered to transition into crucial cybersecurity roles, ensuring a versatile and skilled cyber team.

Trusted Partnerships: Delve into the significance of strategic collaborations in augmenting cyber capabilities, as exemplified by Waterstons' successful partnerships with diverse clients.

Learnings from Global Experience: Benefit from Helen Fawcett's reflections on global experiences, providing a broader perspective on cybersecurity challenges and solutions.

Real-world Experience: Surviving Through an Incident: Gain insights into real-world experiences of organisations that have successfully navigated and recovered from cyber incidents.

Implementing a Program: Understand the practical steps involved in building a Security Operations Centre, preparing for future innovations, and ensuring the effectiveness of cybersecurity programs.



Stew Hogg, Associate Director Cyber Security, Waterstons Australia

Helen Fawcett, Principal Education Consultant, Waterstons Australia


Supporting Presenters & Partners:

David Conway, University of Sunderland guest speaker

Chris Pallister, Head of Cyber ANZ, Waterstons Australia

Charlie Hales, Managing Director ANZ, Waterstons Australia



Andrew Nolan, Strategic Procurement Officer (CAUDIT)


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20 Mar 2024

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20 Mar 2024


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