Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do I log into the CAUDIT website?

IT staff from CAUDIT member institutions are able to access locked/member only resources. CAUDIT members are Australian and New Zealand universities and some pathway and research organisations. You can check if your institution is a member here:

Accessing the resources is simple:

From any page, hover your mouse over the Login button at the top of your screen and select either AAF (Australian institutions) or Tuakiri (NZ institutions):

Follow the prompts and enter your institution username and password. Once validated you will be able to open all member only content from all pages including 'hidden content' on procurement pages, presentations and survey reports etc. You only need to login once in your browser session. If your institutions isn't included within the options please contact either AAF or Tuakiri using the links above to clarify your subscription status.


How can I access CAUDIT benchmarking data?

The CAUDIT Benchmarking System is an online system which captures both benchmarking and profile data for member universities. Further information and resources can be found on the CAUDIT Benchmarking System Resources page.

To access the system you must be registered as an Benchmarking Updater - with data access and editing rights - or a Reader - view the data only.

If you are accessing the system for the first time you will need to request access and CAUDIT will process your request. Please note that if you're not known to CAUDIT staff and we are unable to readily verify that you work in IT within a university, we will refer the request to the IT Director/CIO at your institution for authorisation.

Procurement/ Vendors

How are procurement complaints handled?

Any complaints with regards to policy, process or probity should be directed to the Chair of the Strategic Procurement Governance Committee, or in their absence the President of CAUDIT. All complaints need to be made in writing, clearly articulating the complaint, the desired outcome and the impact upon a vendor or member.

Professional Development

How can I attend the CAUDIT Leadership Institute?

The CAUDIT Leadership Institute is an immersive 5 day program that runs in August each year. IT Professionals from across the CAUDIT membership can apply to attend when registrations open, typically in April of each year. There are very limited places and nominations must be endorsed by your IT Director/CIO. CAUDIT also makes a limited number of places available to professionals from the Librarian and Teaching and Learning Communities. More information about the Institute can be found here.

Member Meetings & Events

Tips for joining webinars

Need help joining a meeting?

CAUDIT hosts a number of webinars and meetings using Zoom. It is recommended that you verify/download the Zoom software prior to the meeting (it should only take a few minutes).

If you are having trouble joining a meeting, try the following:

  • Join the meeting from the e-mail invitation. Click the link in the e-mail to join the meeting. This will launch the meeting information page; click the "join" button. If you see the message "Waiting for the host to start the meeting," the meeting has not started.
  • You can find the meeting number in your e-mail invitation/calendar invite. The meeting number should be a 9 digit number. Please contact your meeting host to confirm the meeting number if you are having issues.

Make sure that you are not joining too early and pay special attention to the time-zone differences.

For further assistance: 

  • Verify that you meet the minimum system requirements. 
  • Join a test meeting to confirm that you're able to successfully join a meeting.

Enjoy your webinar!

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