Communities Information Sharing Policy

Sharing Information through the CAUDIT Communities of Practice

CAUDIT Communities of Practice are intended as platforms that encourage members to share stories and experiences, templates, and reference material.  The following policy formalises governance and baseline expectations previously ‘assumed’, around how the shared information may be used by other members of the Communities whether shared verbally during Community specific sessions/meetings, or as physical documents. The policy uses the frameworks of Creative Commons License, Traffic Light Protocol, and of course Chatham House Rules. 

The policy is intended as a minimum standard that allows those sharing to set stronger boundaries if required.  If you have material that requires more stringent sharing restrictions than the policy baseline, the sharer should indicate what those boundaries are on the documents so that it is clear for the end receivers how they can use the information.   Where no other boundaries are indicated, the material is deemed suitable to be shared/used under the baseline of the policy.

As with all CAUDIT policies, it will be open to review and updates in consultation with the Chairs of the CAUDIT Communities of Practice. 

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01 Apr 2024



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Communities of Practice

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