CAUDIT UCISA Joint Statement - Reference Models

The executive leadership of CAUDIT and UCISA support and encourage their respective Enterprise Architecture Communities of Practice to collaborate together, to explore opportunities and mutual advantages through harmonising the CAUDIT and UCISA reference models, and to work closely together to further develop the Business Capability and Data models as international reference models for the Higher Education sector.

This cooperation aligns with a common strategic intent to promote best practice through collaboration and sharing with our communities.

The CAUDIT Higher Education Reference Models were launched in April 2016 and have always been intended for use by institutions beyond Australia and New Zealand. Global applicability is committed as a design principle that guides the ongoing enhancement of these reference models, now in use across over three-hundred institutions worldwide. This goal values international partnerships and seeks to establish a common understanding of how our institutions operate in order to deliver value to our institutions and to the communities they serve.

The UCISA Capability Model published in March 2018 was developed from, and influenced by, the CAUDIT Business Reference Model. The UCISA working group incorporated changes, modifications, and developments to make the model more specific to the UK Higher Education Sector.

The UCISA Capability Model has reached beyond the UK sector and has been a catalyst for further collaboration and forging of links with the EUNIS Enterprise Architecture (EA) Special Interest Group. Through attending and presenting at a EUNIS EA event the CAUDIT and UCISA Communities of Practice have been able to connect and establish a dialogue. CAUDIT and ITANA have already established a collaborative arrangement for developing the Business and Data Models.

We recognise the valuable contributions of these individuals in bringing this collaboration together.

Term of the engagement 01 April 2021 - 30 March 2024

Download a copy of the Joint Statement using the link below.

Watch the V2.6.0 launch with UCISA here

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