Deakin University cuts toolchain sprawl with GitLab

Deakin University is driving improvements in collaboration and productivity with the ease of use and out-of-the-box security features of GitLab’s DevSecOps Platform.
Technology is a cornerstone of Deakin’s commitment to collaboration, as well as the university’s aim to become Australia’s most progressive and responsive university.



Improved developer experience: The GitLab platform is popular with Deakin’s developers, who say it’s easy to use and well documented — meaning they can achieve what they need to achieve more quickly than ever.

Toolchain consolidation: By embracing GitLab’s DevSecOps Platform, Deakin has been able to replace as many as four separate tools for CI/CD, source control management, and version control, plus a variety of security point solutions and open source tools.

Improved code quality: With GitLab, code review processes are automated and built into reusable pipelines, meaning developers can commit code and get immediate feedback from their peers.


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12 Dec 2022


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