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Accessibility of core university ICT applications

This document provides some accessibility resources that could be used to build a ‘how to’ portal for university staff to access when creating documents and learning materials.

While we understand many institutions have guides covering some software, those that don’t could use this as a starting point.

During our interviews for the ADCET project and other projects we’ve conducted, staff have suggested that resources to assist them to better understand the needs of students with disability when interpreting and accommodating their AIPs would be useful. ADCET also has some resources that could compliment anything an institution may already have:

Accessibility Resources for the core software products

The following resources could be provided via an ICT Accessibility Portal to give employees and students guidance for creating accessible documents and using the accessibility features available in them. The resources listed will provide an initial set of resources but will need annual updating as new versions are released and accessibility improves.


Windows has lots of accessibility features from which staff and students could benefit:

Microsoft Office

Microsoft provides the Disability Answer Desk for technical assistance related to Windows and Office for people who have a disability. They also provide accessibility support for enterprise customers who have questions about the accessibility of Microsoft products.

Microsoft Office has a built-in Accessibility Checker that should be used to check any documents, presentations and spreadsheets.

ADCET has also produced a series on Creating Accessible Documents.


Creating accessible Emails in outlook:

Accessibility features in Outlook:


Creating accessible Word documents:

Accessibility features in Word:


Creating accessible Excel documents:

Accessibility features in Excel:


Creating accessible PowerPoint presentations:

Accessibility features in PowerPoint:


Accessibility features in Teams:


Accessibility features in SharePoint:


Accessibility features in Zoom:

Adobe AEM (Adobe Experience Manager)

LMS accessibility

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Please note: We view this as a living resource and welcome feedback. We are improving our website to ensure this content is fully accessible for all users. There is also a fully accessible version of the content available on the ADCET website. We welcome feedback about the content and its accessibility as part of our ongoing process for improvement — email

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