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CAUDIT communities of practice are open to staff at CAUDIT member organisations who want to ask questions, share information and experiences with their peers on a particular aspect of information or communications technology.   Communities of practice are self-governing.  Their activities range from ad-hoc information sharing and networking, to coordinated efforts to solve common problems.

Find your people and join a CAUDIT Community of Practice:

** Student Data Special Interest Group (SIG) 

  • Find out more information and FAQs about Student Data here
  • Join the Student Data SIG here

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The CAUDIT Special Interest Group (SIG) on Student Data provides a collaboration of practitioners involved with student data reporting, management and systems across the higher education sector working towards the common goal of increasing clarity, working through the government requirements, issues and challenges and sharing knowledge and experiences relating to the TCSI project.

AAF/CAUDIT Identity & Access Management

  • Join the IDAM Community here.

Open to IT, library and eResearch practitioners from CAUDIT member organisations.

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The Identity & Access Management Community (IDAM) is a collaboration of IDAM practitioners across the higher education and research sector working towards the common goal of increasing clarity, exploring trends, issues and challenges and sharing knowledge and experiences relating to Identity & Access Management.

The IDAM Community:

  • Provides a platform for organisations to showcase their work and be acknowledged/recognised for their achievements
  • Connects peers for the purposes of knowledge exchange and learning from one another’s successes and failures.
  • Recognises that IDAM is often specialist work whilst there is overlap with other areas such as Enterprise Architecture and Cybersecurity Groups.


  • Join the DevOps Community here.

Open to IT, library and eResearch practitioners from CAUDIT member organisations.

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DevOps is a combination of software development (Dev) and information technology operations (Ops).  The DevOps community is one that looks to promote open information sharing and collaboration on experiences to strengthen and evolve approaches to the ways we work.

DevOps represents IT cultural change, focusing on rapid IT service delivery through improved collaboration, adoption of agile, lean practices and automation at all steps of software construction.

This forum provides opportunity for participants to be actively involved in sharing experiences or best practice in:

  • Transformational approaches
  • Organisational, people or cultural aspects
  • Automation principles and tools
  • Lean/Agile principles

Information Management & Analytics

  • Join the Information Management & Analytics Community here.

Open to IT and analytics managers from CAUDIT member organisations and ANUP member organisations.

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The IM&A Community is a medium to facilitate and foster collaboration between IT and analytics managers from CAUDIT and ANUP member organisations providing an opportunity for participants to regularly interact and expand their knowledge and expertise in the disciplines of information management and analytics within the higher education sector.

The Community is designed for practitioners who are actively involved in:

  • Data analysis and management
  • Information governance, management and security
  • Business intelligence and analytics

Library IT

  • Join the Library IT Community here - a forum for those working in the library IT space and who wish to engage, share and collaborate.
  • Latest News

Open to IT, eResearch and Library staff from CAUDIT member organisations and partners supporting Library IT within the higher education sector.  Please note that the Library IT Community is a closed group and not open to vendors.

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Welcome to the Library IT Community! This is a self-supporting forum for all staff engaged in library IT activities within higher education.

This is a space to discuss library IT strategy and operations, to develop collaborative approaches to shared issues, and to promote library IT careers and professional development opportunities.

Being a self-supporting forum, your engagement and willingness to share is crucial to ensuring value for you and other members of the Library IT Community.

Business Analysis

Open to IT, eResearch and Library staff from CAUDIT member organisations.

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The Business Analysts Community advocates for the identification and development of strategies, tools and communication to support good practices activities among organisations in Australia and New Zealand.

P3M (Portfolio, Program and Project Management)

Open to IT, eResearch and Library staff from CAUDIT member organisations.

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The P3M Community holds an annual two-day forum (in addition to monthly meetings) to discuss latest issues and ways of supporting and collaborating with fellow organisations. Participation in the P3M Community will help you engage and share the experiences of others in the sector and gain useful insights into how you can deliver business value by advancing portfolio, program and project management capabilities.

Research Support

  • Join the Research Support Community here

Open to IT, eResearch and Library staff from CAUDIT member organisations. Contributions are also welcome from CAUDIT Partner organisations engaged in eResearch support.

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The Research Support Community is a self-supporting forum for all practitioners engaged in supporting eResearch activities across CAUDIT’s broad membership base and is also open to strategic partners within the sector.

Enterprise Architecture

Open to IT, eREsearch and Library staff from CAUDIT member organisations.

Google GroupsYammer

Focussing on Enterprise Architectures role in supporting universities by being an integral part of the university, the EA Community exists to improve the value of enterprise architecture to higher education and research institutions. They hold an annual Symposium and have contributed significantly to the ongoing development of the industry reference models for higher education.


Open to IT staff only from CAUDIT member organisations. Contributions from other organisations is by invitation.

 Google GroupsAHECS Slack Channel

The Cybersecurity Community serves as both a strategic and functional vehicle for engagement and collaboration on trends, risks, threats, impacts, controls and good practices associated with all aspects of cybersecurity related to people, process and technology.

Australasian Higher Education Cybersecurity Service (AHECS) - CAUDIT has partnered with AARNetAusCERTREANNZ and AAF to help members adopt appropriate risk profiles and countering ever-increasing cybersecurity threats and in doing so, help safeguard the intellectual property and reputation of Australasia’s universities.

The AHECS Cybersecurity Slack Channel, facilitated through AusCERT, has been created to help bring the higher education and research cybersecurity community closer together and to facilitate more accessible communication. CAUDIT Community of Practice members are invited to join the AHECS Slack Channel.

University Software Licensing Community (USLC)

Open to IT and Library staff from CAUDIT member organisations If you work for a CAUDIT Member institution and are interested in hearing about CAUDIT Procurement news more generally subscribe to the procurement email list here.  Please note that the Procurement list is a closed group and not open to vendors.

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The USLC has matured through cooperation and trust into a successful endeavour with participating organisations benefiting by achieving superior licensing agreements, pricing, terms and conditions. In addition to regular online engagement, the USLC hold an annual Software Licensing and Asset Management Conference.

CAUDIT Associate Directors Network

Open to senior staff from CAUDIT member organisations only. If you are outside of this, permission from the Community should be sought before you are added.

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A private network for Associate Directors (or equivalent) from CAUDIT member organisations only, to communicate, share ideas and solutions to common goals and issues.

 CAUDIT Managers Network


A private network for the alumni of the CAUDIT Managers Program to keep in touch, share ideas and solutions to common goals and issues and to continue networking opportunities.

A list of past/retired Communities can be found here

How to join an existing community of practice

  • Simply visit the sign-up page and enter in your name and email address.  (Note that you must sign-up using your work email.  Membership is open to all IT, Library and eResearch staff of CAUDIT member institutions.  In some circumstances, staff from partner organisations are able to join a Community.  You should liaise with the Chair of the Community to ascertain whether this is appropriate.) 
  • User Guide for the Email Distribution List
    User Guide for the Yammer Network

How to start a new community of practice

  1. First you will need a leader.  This person needs to be willing to seek out a core group of people to steer the community and to guide and motivate the core group in organising meetings and activities.   The leader needs to generate the momentum to start the community and keep it running.
  2. Once you have a leader, contact CAUDIT.  We can send the word out to our members to help you find your core steering group.
  3. With your core group in place, you can begin to share information with one another and using the Community Terms of Reference as your starting template, plan how to expand the group and what activities you would like to engage in.
  4. Once you have a clear vision, have read the CAUDIT Supporting Communities Policy talk to CAUDIT about making it formal!

How CAUDIT can assist with your community of practice

  • Using our communications channels – eNewsletter, mailing lists, website, and social media – for community announcements
  • Providing a mailing list for community members
  • Providing a Yammer network to engage, share and collaborate
  • Providing a subgroup to the CAUDIT LinkedIn group for the community
  • Providing tools for running online meetings, webinars or surveying each other
  • Helping with logistics to organise a study tour, forum, symposium or other events
  • Providing advice on running larger events such as a conference
  • CAUDIT supports Communities in different ways and this is included within the CAUDIT Supporting Communities Policy

 Tips on keeping a community of practice running

  1. Always have an identified leader who will take the responsibility for keeping the community running.
  2. Have a core group to assist the leader – one per state or region is a good model.  This group can liaise with other community members in their state or region.  If you lose one of these core group members, try to replace them as soon as possible with someone else from the same area.
  3. Schedule a virtual meeting for the core group every month or every two months to set the agenda for community activities.
  4. Keep the mailing list active by posting to it at least every few weeks.
  5. Schedule a webinar for the wider community two or three times a year, with short presentations from several members on a particular topic.
  6. Continue to use CAUDIT’s communication channels to reach out to new members.
  7. Look for opportunities for face-to-face meetings and networking.  These might be meetings you organise yourselves, or gatherings at larger conferences such as THETA.